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Equilibrium Activewear Bottoms 

We have what you have been searching for, especially if you are small! Looking for Tie Dye Pants, Cargo Style leggings, Rear Pocket pants, maybe Belted pants? We at Fitness Fashions have all bases covered in the fitness bottoms department, with Equilibrium Activewear! Straight from Brazil, hot off the press, may we present Equilibrium Activewear. *Remember: this brand runs small.

  • Equilibrium Activewear Fitness Pants
    Equilibrium Activewear Fitness Pants

    Here is where you will find the hippest and coolest boot cut fitness pants. We have something for everyone, made from Brazilian Supplex. This brand of pants is classic Brazilian style with a very low rise. Once again, please keep in mind Equilibrium sizes run small.

  • Equilibrium Activewear Fitness Capris
    Equilibrium Activewear Fitness Capris

    Here is a collection of cool fitness capris to get that work out done, in Equilibrium Activewear Style! These head turners will get you motivated and feeling good at the gym and on the street. Made of Brazilian Supplex, which means it will hold everything in place! Equilibrium Activewear makes low rise pants and runs small!

  • Equilibrium Activewear Fitness Leggings
    Equilibrium Activewear Fitness Leggings

    This is a collection of fitted long leggings from Equilibrium Activewear. The styles are so unique and flattering, take a look for yourself! There are different types represented here, not just your plain old leggings. To name a couple, we have cargo style leggings and tie dye leggings! Equilibrium Activewear runs small and is low rise in classic Brazilian style.

  • Equilibrium Activewear Fitness Shorts
    Equilibrium Activewear Fitness Shorts

    Equilibrium Activewear shorts - for all of your warm weather activities. Belted shorts with rear pockets are so cute, these shorts will show off your stuff! Low rand sexy shorts are what you will find from Equilibrium Activewear, made in Brazil with the best Supplex.

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  • $82.00

    Be Fierce   Leggings for every occasion. From the gym to the carpool line and beyond.  Throw these on, put your hair up in a bun and conquer the day. You got this, girl.

  • $82.00

    Fitness in Fashion   Leggings for every occasion. From the gym to the carpool line and beyond.  Throw these on, put your hair up in a bun and conquer the day. You got this, girl.

  • $83.00

    Kick It Up!   Leggings for every occasion. From the gym to the carpool line and beyond.  Throw these on, put your hair up in a bun and conquer the day. You got this, girl.

  • $83.00

     Lovely In Lace!   Leggings for every occasion. From the gym to the carpool line and beyond.  Throw these on, put your hair up in a bun and conquer the day. You got this, girl.

  • $88.00

    Treat yourself to texture!  The braided sides and the cool jacquard texture makes these the "break away from boring" black leggings in your wardrobe. Made and sewn in Brazil by Equilibrium activewear. Made with a lighter supplex fabric that still feels snug but not as thick as the normal supplex from Brazil.

  • $70.40 $88.00 -20%

    Crazy Camouflage Capris New hunter green camo capris by Equilibrium Activewear! Look at the lace up leg details no ordinary capri shown here! Help here to get you through your hardest bootcamp workouts looking and feeling cool! Go into battle being noticed and not camouflaged in these camo capris.

  • $71.20 $89.00 -20%
    Product available with different options

    Lace up legs !  Beautiful teal green and black pattern capris. Equilibrium Activewear does it again and again with the latest looks and fabrics. Super soft supplex light, breathable and quick drying, you get fashion and function with this Capri . 

  • $71.20 $89.00 -20%

    Hot Hot Hot!  Fuego Capri from Equilibrum activewear A print too hot not to be noticed in! The lace up sides and the flame orange animal print will set your workout on fire! Sweat in style with Equilibrium activewear made in Brazil with style and sex appeal.

  • $71.20 $89.00 -20%

    A Savagely Sexy Silhoutte! Equilibrium activewear "Savage" printed leggings are designed to be a statement. The cut outs on the side of the leg with the special metal hardware detailing is what sets them apart. Show them off at the gym or even a night on the town. Life is jungle and one must be prepared for anything... at anytime....

  • $71.20 $89.00 -20%

     Lovely Lady Diane!   Yes, you will feel like a famous princess when you put these leggings on! The amazing print and cut out design will sweep you away to a higher place. Such fabulous new "Light supplex" fabric from Brazil will look and feel like royalty!

  • $68.80 $86.00 -20%
    Product available with different options

    Oh La La it's Midnight and your still dancing! The sexy french seams running down the rear leading to the lace up design will definitely get some attention. The new soft light supplex fabric will make you feel like you never even got sweaty. 

  • $99.00
    Product available with different options

    We Dye for Tie Dye These  Equilibrium leggings have just the right amout of simplicity with a bit of sizzle. The tie dye starts  at the thigh and reaching down to your ankles. These  leggings leave your thighs and butt looking slick with the solid black at the top. 

  • $82.40 $103.00 -20%

    Equilibrium Activewear Santa Monica Lace up Legging L763   Wow! These leggings are a serious statement! Want to feel your absolute sexiest and be cool and dry after your workout? These fitness leggings have a colorful print of the famous land marks of Santa Monica. With a wide waistband that keeps the tummy tucked, while the side of the leggings are laced...

  • $82.40 $103.00 -20%

    Wow! Did you see those leggings? I can't believe how cool those are with the lacing all the way up the side of the legs. They must be a Brazilian brand legging... Yep, they are from Equilibrium Activewear Clothing Company and you can bet that you wont see anyone else wearing them. Be unique and stand out in these cool pants! 

  • $69.60 $87.00 -20%

    Lovely in Lace-Up! Fashion meets fitness in these fitted Equilibrium capris with a lace-up feature and multicolored floral print!  The stylish side laces let you show off your toned legs that you've worked hard for! And the Brazilian Supplex material keeps your muscles engaged and compressed for a solid supportive feel during your most hardcore workouts!

  • $84.00

    Peekaboo Mesh! Show off your well-defined muscles in this capri with thin mesh insets by Equilibrium Activewear! Fitted and flattering, it will not restrict movement so you are able to focus entirely on your task at hand - working out! Pair with one of our many Equilibrium tops!

  • $116.00
    Product available with different options

    Forest Femme Fatale!    These fabulous bootcut fitness pants by Equilibrium Activewear are as deep and dark as a magical forest. Step into these lovely pants and feel confident in the electric tie dye pattern. 

  • $108.00

    Unzip Your Inhibitions!   Find yourself in a bind? Simply unzip yourself! These solid and sensuous pants have a zipper front, giving them a darker, edgier feel. Working out doesn't have to be happy-go-lucky - these bootcut pants are seriously sexy. 

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