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Anna Arias is the brains behind the beauty of this Brazilian Activewear line of clothing. She was previously known for the creation of the line Body Language. This new, fun, creative line offers prints and amazing fabrics which are all from Brazil, so you can expect the quality and fit Anna is known for! Dive into this new line with gusto! Throwing the "should be's" out the window and working for the power of the female, Balance Fitwear is made for the busy woman. With clothing that is well-fitted, form-flattering and confidence-boosting, you'll never get enough!

  • Balance Fitwear Tops
    Balance Fitwear Tops

    Really cute and sexy tops from Balance Fitwear. These tops are made with sass and class! Balance Fitwear is the ultimate brand for women, by women. Made with you in mind, these fun-loving, bright and sexy tops will get you going, and keep you dry and sweat-free when you're at it! Fall in love with Balance Fitwear Tops.

  • Balance Fitwear Bottoms
    Balance Fitwear Bottoms

    Low rise Brazilian style bottoms from Balance Fitwear! These bottoms are colorful, fun and sexy. Pull on some sexy capris or leggings from Balance Fitwear and be ready to hit the gym or hit the town! These bottoms were made for all of the daily activities you'll find yourself doing, so feel free to be free!

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