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NUX USA Fitness Tops 

Seamless, streamlined and sexy, these tops by Nux will give your workout a boost. Designed to suit the needs of the female form, these hassle-free, super comfortable tops will fill you with stylish wonderment. Dip a toe in the pool of fabulousness with free flowing fabrics, lined shelf bras, and mesh insets where you need them most. Take the fuss out of fitness with Nux. These products promote Inspired Living; pull on a tank, bra, hoodie or cover up and be inspired!

  • NUX USA Fitness Bra Tops
    NUX USA Fitness Bra Tops

    Nux is your go-to brand for sexy seamless styles! From bandeaus to racer backs, find every strap style that you'd want in a seamless sports bra. With mesh insets and flattering color palettes, these simple, soft and sexy styles are made for your comfort. Feel supported and sweat-free, with sweat-wicking compression fabric.

  • NUX USA Fitness Long Tops
    NUX USA Fitness Long Tops

    Whether loose and flowy or form-fittingly flattering, fitness tanks and camis by Nux are seamlessly gorgeous. Pull on a loose tank and dance your heart out in Zumba, or slide into a compression tank and burst into power on a run! Feel the positive energy within you from wearing fitnesswear designed for Inspired Living.

  • NUX USA Fitness Jackets
    NUX USA Fitness Jackets

    Soft hoodies, loose turtlenecks, zany zip-ups and heavenly pullovers characterize the lovely selection of seamless jackets by Nux. Have fun in the sun, the pool or the gym and feel ready for any temperature. Get sweaty and cover up to stay warm, or go for a run in the rain with your favorite zip-up protecting you. Delicately designed with Body Technology, each piece is dangerously comfortable and flattering!

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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