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NUX USA Fitness Bottoms 

From foldover pants and form-fitting leggings to stretchy shorts and brightly colored capris, Nux has it all! Pull on a pair of these fun and funky fashion pieces and feel the fire within you! Sweat without fear, fight through the pain, all without worry of itchy tags or loose fabric. Wear these items and feel confident, for you are promoting Inspired Living, Nux's mission, through compassion, honor and peace.

  • NUX USA Fitness Shorts
    NUX USA Fitness Shorts

    Seamless and short, the sweat proof and comfortable styles by Nux were born to be wild. Feel free and fun-loving in scandalously stylish seamless pieces. Go for a run and soak up the sun, or lift some weights and feel dazzlingly great! No seams, no sweat, no worries. You could even wear these shorts underneath your favorite short dress! Versatility, comfort and fun are all a part of the compassionate, peaceful brand that is Nux.

  • NUX USA Fitness Capris
    NUX USA Fitness Capris

    Super soft and made with compression fabric, capris by Nux USA are flattering and freeing. Supplex fabric keeps you dry, while unique designs keep you comfortable. Perfect for kickboxing, running, yoga and everything inbetween, fitness capris are the ultimate athletic accessory. Practice Inspired Living with capris by Nux.

  • NUX USA Fitness Leggings
    NUX USA Fitness Leggings

    These are a fitted full length legging style, and no matter how you choose wear them with a sweater, or to the gym... Nux leggings will keep you feeling secure. Roll over your waistband or roll up your ankles - no matter how you choose to wear these functional fitness pieces, the Supplex fabric will keep you cool, calm and collected. So beat your personal best record in style!

  • NUX USA Fitness Skorts
    NUX USA Fitness Skorts

    Whew! These skirts are too hot to handle! Made with sweat-wicking Supplex and shorts or leggings underneath, these skorts will let you sweat in style! Feel the freedom and fun-loving fabulousness of a skirt, plus the security and comfort of leggings or shorts. Great for activities that involve lifting those legs, such as dancing, kickboxing, weight lifting and yoga! Be bold, be beautiful, be comfortable and dry! Support Nux's mission of Inspired Living, through compassion, peace, honor, and sweat proof fitnesswear.

  • NUX USA Fitness Pants
    NUX USA Fitness Pants

    NUX USA Boot Cut Pants Category. A slight flair to get you through your busy day! Made with compression fabric designed to wick your sweat away in a flash, these fitted and flattering pants will have you excited to go to the gym.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

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