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Bia Brazil Activewear is created in Brazil with an amazing exclusive fabric by DuPont called Supplex. We can only get this fabric from Brazil! So to get the best Supplex there is...we must import these well made garments! If cared for correctly, these garments will easily last for 5 years looking brand new! They never shrink, fade, pill, or lose their shape! Bia Brazil is our favorite brand of Brazillian Supplex fitness wear! Bia Brazil active wear is more moderately priced than other brands of this quality and the style and fit are awesome! Bia Brazil pants will lift your butt and hide cellulite. Wicking fabric pulls sweat away from your body, drying quickly. Bia Brazil mainly comes in "One Size Fits All" (apx 2-10).We have some styles custom made for us exclusively in small and large!

  • Bia Brazil Activewear Tops
    Bia Brazil Activewear Tops

    Bia Brazil fitness tops are made for you! They all can fit differently, so please read the descriptions and ask us for help if you need it. Bia Brazil tops come one size fits most sizes 32-36! The solids are made from heavy Supplex fabric and the prints are a lighter weight supplex (more like swimsuit fabric), so they are great for you active women!

  • Bia Brazil Activewear  Bottoms
    Bia Brazil Activewear Bottoms

    These great fitness bottoms from Brazil are made from Supplex! Most of them are one size fits most sizes 4-12. We carry a few basic styles in large 12-14 also! You will get hooked on the feel of this compression fabric! It literally compresses cellulite! Wear dark colors and it looks like cellulite disappears. The wicking fabric pulls sweat away from the body, drying quickly, so sweat away! With proper care, they wont shrink, stretch, twist, or fade! High performance and beauty all wrapped up in one! Available are fitness shorts, capris, boot cut pants, and leggings-everything you need to suit your active lifestyle!

  • Bia Brazil Activewear Unitards and Body Suits
    Bia Brazil Activewear Unitards and Body Suits

    Bia Brazil Activewear Unitards And Body Suits for your workout pleasure. Strut your stuff if you got show it off!

  • Bia Brazil Activewear Clothing Sale Items!
    Bia Brazil Activewear Clothing Sale Items!

    Moving On With a Few Sale Items From Bia Brazil Activewear Clothing Company! Get the Deals While We Got The Selection!

  • Bia Brazil Activewear Prints
    Bia Brazil Activewear Prints

    Bia Brazil Activewear: Printed Tops and Bottoms

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  • $89.95

    These Workout Pants Will Have You Coming Back For More! These Bia Brazil faux pocket pants will make your yoga class say "Wow!" Your sun salutations will never look better with these hot fitness pants. The faux pocket flaps in the rear will do two things: First, they will make your butt look amazing! Second, the "pointed" design of the pockets will give...

  • $70.95

    Awesome Fitness Capri In or Out of the Gym!    Simple and comfortable, these capris are versatile enough to take from zumba to weight training. These capris will keep you cool and dry, without too much flash or flair. 

  • $65.00

    One of the Best Fitting Capris Fitness Fashions Carries! NEW COLORS!  Bia Brazil looks great all the way around! These classic Bia Brazil fitness capris have the Bia logo circling the waistband. These capris are perfect for running or spinning; they are durable and heavy enough to keep you together, but still let you sweat it out without a doubt! 

  • $89.95
    Product available with different options

    Gorgeous detailing makes these a must-have, whether doing yoga, weight training or your shopping. Get sexy in these gorgeous pants by Bia Brazil Activewear! The rear pocket has a special accented design. With a stud and a band across each pocket, your behind will rival that of Jennifer Lopez. 

  • $89.95

    This Bia Brazil Fitness Pant is Calling Your Name! A classic pair of Bia Brazil fitness pants that will strike your fancy! The banded logo waist will slim you down and style you up. These are made with compressing, sweatproof material that will give your best workout wear a run for its money!

  • $78.00
    Product available with different options

    These basics will join you in the gym, in a pilates class or even become your most favored yoga pant! These are a must-have addition to your closet. These simple bootcut fitness pants by Bia Brazil will accompany you to yoga or coffee - they are comfortable, unassuming, sweat-wicking and wonderful. If you are looking for a pair of bootcut fitness pants...

Showing 121 - 126 of 126 items

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