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So, it's obvious that we are 2 legged creatures, and this category is for that bottom half of our bodies! Have fun choosing what suits your taste! We have many styles and brands to choose from.

  •  Fitted Capris
    Fitted Capris
    As shown in the example, a fitted capri hugs the body and ends just past the knee. We have many brands and styles to choose from. Each has its unique advantages. Bia Brazil (style SL... is shown here as example) tends to be low rise and very fitted, made of the finest Brazilian Supplex. With a few exceptions, Bia Brazil is One Size Fits All size 2- 12. One Step Ahead is made in San Francisco out of exquisite brushed Supplex. The One Step Ahead capri is an excellent choice for comfort, quality, and fit. Margarita Activewear, also from the best quality Supplex, is hand made in Israel. Margarita is best know for its edgy and progressive styling.
  • Boot Cut Pants
    Boot Cut Pants
    A bootcut fitness pant hugs the body then flares at the bottom. We have many awesome brands and styles available! Bia Brazil (shown here) is a fabulous choice for a low rise bootcut pant. The fit, quality, and style make Bia Brazil bootcut pants a clear winner! They are, with a few exceptions, "One Size Fits All" (size 2- 12). Made of heavy Brazilian Supplex, they wont shrink, stretch, twist, or fade! They give you a butt lift and hide cellulite :) Supplex also wicks moisture away from the body, drying quickly. One Step Ahead bootcut pants are made in San Francisco out of luscious brushed Supplex. Not as heavy as the Bia Brazil, it has all the wonderful properties of Supplex. One Step Ahead Bootcut pants are a great multipurpose fitness pant! Margarita speaks for itself, with its edgy and vibrant style! Made of a fine mid-weight Brazilian Supplex, Margarita bootcut tends to be super low-rise with a dramatic bell bottom. Look for wild colors and patterns from Margarita!
  • Leggings
    Leggings will usually go all the way down to the ankle! They are fitted the entire way down the leg! This style usually looks great on short girls, and tall girls can wear this style easily!
  • Loose Pants and Capris
    Loose Pants and Capris
    For that relaxed and comfortable look and feeling!
  • Shorts
    This category is for those who still have good legs and can wear shorts! They come with different length inseams, check it out! There is something for everybody!
  • Unitards and Bodysuits
    Unitards and Bodysuits
    All in one lets have some fun! The ultimate fitness outfit! Take a chance a dive into the trend!
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  • $46.00

    These Capris Are So Soft And Cozy!  This pair of simple fitness capris has a roll down waistband. These are a uniform color, so they will make you look great without too much flash.

  • $46.00

    These Capris Are Like a Second Skin!  These fitness capris have a contrasting color waistband. Roll it down or roll it up - these can be high waisted or low rise. The colored waistband makes your curves pop!

  • $36.00

    These Shorts Are The Best All Around Shorts Available! These simple fitness shorts by One Step Ahead are the same as our OSA Long Roll Down Shorts 20188C, but they do not have a contrasting color waistband. A sweet and subtle pair of fitness shorts for any exercise occasion.

  • $36.00

    These Shorts Will Be Your Favorite Pair!  These roll down fitness shorts by One Step Ahead are made with brushed Supplex! They are similar to one of our favorite styles, the OSA Roll Down Booty Shorts 20160C, but these have a longer inseam! Feel the sexy support and comfort of these short shorts, without having to bare all.

  • $78.00

    This Skort Is For a Woman On The Go!   A skort with fitness capris underneath by One Step Ahead! Practical for when you want to exercise with a skirt and not risk flashing everyone! Made with brushed Supplex, which will keep you cool and dry to the end.

  • $62.00

    These Will Be Your Favorite Yoga Pants!   A hot pair of comfortable yoga pants for your favorite fitness activities. These stretchy, soft bootcut pants have a V front. The rise on these One Step Ahead Pants is 7 inches.If you would like a higher rise just request it in your notes during the check out!

  • $54.00

    These Look Great on Curves!   These fitness capris are freeing and loose at the knees, with a slit at the side of each knee to boot! A V front adds some flattering flair.

  • $42.00

    These Will Help Your Downward Dog Feel Amazing!  Stretchy and flexible, these fitted leggings by One Step Ahead will be your favorite yoga leggings. With A V in the front and va-va-voom in the back,

  • $38.00

    These Capris are Like Wearing Nothing at All!  These fitness capris by One Step Ahead have a sexy V front. Wear these to hot yoga, to spinning, or as a comfortable choice for a long car ride. Feel free and gorgeous in our favorite brushed supplex V front capris.

  • $71.95

    These Will Be Your Everyday Favorite Fitness Capri!  With a sleek look and a snug fit, these are a pair of rockin' capris! Roll down the waist for extra support and style, or let them be high waisted and comfortable. These capris are simple and sweet, perfect for any workout. We even have smalll in this capri which will fit size 0-2. Custom made just...

  • $34.00

    These Shorts Are Great For Hot Yoga!  Here are a pair of classic roll-down fitness short shorts made by One Step Ahead, made wth brushed Supplex. The contrasting color roll down waistband allows for a high or low waist - but the shorts are extra short either way!

  • $69.95
    Product available with different options

    Bia Brazil Rear Pocket Capri is the Pant For You!    Faux pockets make the rear end look lovely, so these capris are perfect for a woman who would like a bootie boost. Slide these low-rise fitness capris on and spice up your bikram yoga workout! Can you believe we have smalls and larges custom made for you!

  • $115.00

    Put Some Heart Into Your Workout! Make your routine a little heartier with our hearts and studs bootcut fitness pants! Smashing style and tempestuous tie dye make these fitness pants by Margarita Activewear one of our most gallant.

  • $108.00
    Product available with different options

    Tie Dyed By Hand! Check Out the Mesh Heart Details! Stitched, studded and tie dyed, these fitness capris are all the rage. Get fiercely foxy for your next workout, the hearts and splashes of color on these kickin' capris are just what you needed to step up your game!

  • $96.00
    Product available with different options

    These Set You Apart From The Crowd! Your favorite jean style from Margarita Activewear! These have the signature "jeans" look that you love, with the superior quality of Margarita. Colorful seaming and real rear pockets will make your booty look fantastic!

  • $70.16 $77.95 -10%
    Product available with different options

    Check Out the Rear Pockets!  Leggings by Bia Brazil can easily be worn instead of skinny jeans or leggings. Cute faux pockets make them look like jeans, but they are made of thick supplex from Bia Brazil, which smoothes and hides any flaws.

  • $70.00

    Just Plain Cute! Bia Brazil Leggings can be used for Yoga class, pilates, running, hiking, biking, and lounging. These versatile fitness leggings will go with you everywhere, just throw them on and go!

  • $48.00

    Faux Pocket Enhances Your Assets!  These Bia Brazil Shorts have faux pockets on the rear that will make your butt look great! Low rise and super short, these will let your finish your workout with fireworks. 

  • $76.00

    These Fitness Pants Smooth Out Your Flaws! The simplest, most flattering yoga pants you can get! The roll-down waist allows for any waist-length to wear these gems.  These could be worn in any situation calling for tummy control, such as kettle bell training, weight training, yoga, and jogging!

  • $89.95

    These Workout Pants Will Have You Coming Back For More! These Bia Brazil faux pocket pants will make your yoga class say "Wow!" Your sun salutations will never look better with these hot fitness pants. The faux pocket flaps in the rear will do two things: First, they will make your butt look amazing! Second, the "pointed" design of the pockets will give...

  • $70.95

    Awesome Fitness Capri In or Out of the Gym!    Simple and comfortable, these capris are versatile enough to take from zumba to weight training. These capris will keep you cool and dry, without too much flash or flair. 

  • $65.00

    One of the Best Fitting Capris Fitness Fashions Carries! NEW COLORS!  Bia Brazil looks great all the way around! These classic Bia Brazil fitness capris have the Bia logo circling the waistband. These capris are perfect for running or spinning; they are durable and heavy enough to keep you together, but still let you sweat it out without a doubt! 

  • $89.95
    Product available with different options

    Gorgeous detailing makes these a must-have, whether doing yoga, weight training or your shopping. Get sexy in these gorgeous pants by Bia Brazil Activewear! The rear pocket has a special accented design. With a stud and a band across each pocket, your behind will rival that of Jennifer Lopez. 

  • $89.95

    This Bia Brazil Fitness Pant is Calling Your Name! A classic pair of Bia Brazil fitness pants that will strike your fancy! The banded logo waist will slim you down and style you up. These are made with compressing, sweatproof material that will give your best workout wear a run for its money!

Showing 649 - 672 of 673 items

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