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So, it's obvious that we are 2 legged creatures, and this category is for that bottom half of our bodies! Have fun choosing what suits your taste! We have many styles and brands to choose from.

  •  Fitted Capris
    Fitted Capris
    As shown in the example, a fitted capri hugs the body and ends just past the knee. We have many brands and styles to choose from. Each has its unique advantages. Bia Brazil (style SL... is shown here as example) tends to be low rise and very fitted, made of the finest Brazilian Supplex. With a few exceptions, Bia Brazil is One Size Fits All size 2- 12. One Step Ahead is made in San Francisco out of exquisite brushed Supplex. The One Step Ahead capri is an excellent choice for comfort, quality, and fit. Margarita Activewear, also from the best quality Supplex, is hand made in Israel. Margarita is best know for its edgy and progressive styling.
  • Boot Cut Pants
    Boot Cut Pants
    A bootcut fitness pant hugs the body then flares at the bottom. We have many awesome brands and styles available! Bia Brazil (shown here) is a fabulous choice for a low rise bootcut pant. The fit, quality, and style make Bia Brazil bootcut pants a clear winner! They are, with a few exceptions, "One Size Fits All" (size 2- 12). Made of heavy Brazilian Supplex, they wont shrink, stretch, twist, or fade! They give you a butt lift and hide cellulite :) Supplex also wicks moisture away from the body, drying quickly. One Step Ahead bootcut pants are made in San Francisco out of luscious brushed Supplex. Not as heavy as the Bia Brazil, it has all the wonderful properties of Supplex. One Step Ahead Bootcut pants are a great multipurpose fitness pant! Margarita speaks for itself, with its edgy and vibrant style! Made of a fine mid-weight Brazilian Supplex, Margarita bootcut tends to be super low-rise with a dramatic bell bottom. Look for wild colors and patterns from Margarita!
  • Leggings
    Leggings will usually go all the way down to the ankle! They are fitted the entire way down the leg! This style usually looks great on short girls, and tall girls can wear this style easily!
  • Loose Pants and Capris
    Loose Pants and Capris
    For that relaxed and comfortable look and feeling!
  • Shorts
    This category is for those who still have good legs and can wear shorts! They come with different length inseams, check it out! There is something for everybody!
  • Unitards and Bodysuits
    Unitards and Bodysuits
    All in one lets have some fun! The ultimate fitness outfit! Take a chance a dive into the trend!
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    It Takes Two  FINAL SALE! Can't make a decision which color or print leggings to wear? No Problem! These Onzie two toned leggings are your solution! Whether you're feeling simple and sleek, or fun and funky, this pant has it all! These virtually waterproof low risers are extra comfortable thanks to their thick band around the waist.

  • $18.00 $60.00 -70%

    Well my sweet baby wears fishnet stockings.... When she starts a rockin' there ain't no stoppin' Singing wop bop a doo dop fishnet stockingsShoo wop a doo dop when she's rockin' Bop bop a doo dop there ain't no stoppin 'Rockin' with my baby in her fishnet stockings FINAL SALE!

  • $99.00
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    We Dye for Tie Dye These  Equilibrium leggings have just the right amout of simplicity with a bit of sizzle. The tie dye starts  at the thigh and reaching down to your ankles. These  leggings leave your thighs and butt looking slick with the solid black at the top. 

  • $82.40 $103.00 -20%

    Equilibrium Activewear Santa Monica Lace up Legging L763   Wow! These leggings are a serious statement! Want to feel your absolute sexiest and be cool and dry after your workout? These fitness leggings have a colorful print of the famous land marks of Santa Monica. With a wide waistband that keeps the tummy tucked, while the side of the leggings are laced...

  • $70.40 $88.00 -20%

    Are you in the Zone? The Mindfulness Zone of being present in your every action and reaction is possible by wearing these incredible printed capris by Bia Brazil Clothing. The swirling action print will keep you in the eye of the storm and you will rock your workouts with confidence.

  • $27.60 $69.00 -60%

    Pssst! Palazzo Pant Final Sale Slip on this funky, fun, flared pant after a workout or when you just want to feel fabulous! Flaring out from the waist, the Palazzo Pants leave you feeling light and breezy.  These bohemian printed pants are made from Free Flow jersey material, featuring an elastic, extra wide, and stretchy waist band.

  • $67.96 $84.95 -20%

    Have an Explosive Workout!   Look at those colors, so vibrant, so vivid, is a great workout waiting to happen! If your the girl that wants to be noticed please choose these optional roll up or roll down Bia Brazil legging. You'll feel the power of the Brazillian compression fabric holding you in place.

  • $16.80 $56.00 -70%

    Your New Favorite Capris!    A pair of sweatproof fitness capris by Onzie Yoga Wear, available in so many colors and patterns! These fitness capris are so comfortable and fun - they're also made with Free-Flow Fabric Technology, making them soft, flowy, and freeing. They wick away moisture and dry quick! And hide cellulite :) Final Sale!

  • $82.40 $103.00 -20%

    Wow! Did you see those leggings? I can't believe how cool those are with the lacing all the way up the side of the legs. They must be a Brazilian brand legging... Yep, they are from Equilibrium Activewear Clothing Company and you can bet that you wont see anyone else wearing them. Be unique and stand out in these cool pants! 

  • $63.16 $78.95 -20%

    Vivacious in Viper! Get ready to work your hardest in this Viper Legging by Bia Brazil Activewear! Slim-fitting and figure-flattering for ultimate comfort and function during your toughest workouts, this will be a workout wardrobe staple for you. Take this look to the gym, spin class or the yoga studio to keep fashionably fit!

  • $79.95

    Don't Mesh with this Chick!   Details, Details Details just the right amount of mesh and hardware to make it special.This supplex legging by Bia Brazil Activewear is perfect for any endeavor, either at the gym or out on the town with a big oversized sweater and ankle boots.

  • $63.16 $78.95 -20%

      A Sweet Take on Tough   The fashion police will definitely arrest you for slapping this graffiti all over...your body that is! The raucously cool colors and print bring the fashion playground right to your doorstep...and "write" on your capri pants. Amazing Brazilian fabric amps up your training while your swag goes thru the roof. Yo girlfriend...now...

  • $45.57 $75.95 -40%

    Are you in the Zone? The Mindfulness Zone of being present in your every action and reaction is possible by wearing these incredible printed capris by Bia Brazil Clothing. The swirling action print will keep you in the eye of the storm and you will rock your workouts with confidence.

  • $59.96 $74.95 -20%

      The Little Mermaid Will Be Jealous...   When she sees you in these BIA capris! You'll feel like you've gone under the sea & your legs will feel like they are wrapped in seaweed when you dive into these Brazilian supplex compression tights. The awesome vibrant blend of aquamarine colors will definitely have you swimming thru your most challenging...

  • $32.00

    Banded Bottom Fleece Pants, How Eighties!   Ocean Drive is Rockin the 80's ! These are super soft fleece, garmet dyed and cozzzyyyy! No Pockets No Fuss! These sweats are banded at the bottom to keep you from tripping also it helps keep the heat in. They are what you could call summer weight fleece.

  • $69.00

    Come dressed appropriately to the party! Wear these cool Bia Brazil Activewear Capris to any occasion. You be the life of the party and you wont be missed in these extra bright and cheery capris. Happy hour or happy workout! Don't worry about celulite either because the brazilian supplex really holds it all together.

  • $24.00
    Product available with different options

    Classic Roll Down Pant! These T-Party pants are to die for. Flattering on the hips, these pants have a wide waistband - comfortable and subtle. 

  • $55.96 $69.95 -20%

        "Forever in Bluejeans" --Neil Diamond   Wouldn't it be GREAT to wear your favorite bluejeans to the gym? You ask and BIA delivers...change your workouts "forever" and in the most stylish way possible. Second to none Brazilian compression fabric and super comfortable, unpinchable waistband hug all your curves in all the right places. Be cool. Be...

  • $25.20 $63.00 -60%

    Color-Block Me Happy! Final SAle Kick, stretch, bike, squat...this comfortable and durable legging is perfect for doing anything! And, the colorful stylish color-block design around the legs is incredibly flattering and cute! So, workout and be confident, comfortable and happy!

  • $68.76 $85.95 -20%
    Out of stock

    You are woman... now put these on and ROAR! The black waistband, subtly melting into the cheetah print, until gorgeous tiger faces appear at your ankles...WOW. Now you can literally have the "eye of the tiger" advantage in your favorite training class. The awesome Brazilian compression fabric will make you want to ROAR!!     

  • $58.36 $72.95 -20%

      Put these caramel capris on your hips...   and NOT in your mouth!! The swirling blend of bold, yet soft colors of powder blue, orange, brown and yellow will make your mouth water and your tongue tingle.The fabulous Brazilian supplex fabric offers you the looks you crave as you're cross training your way thru the gym! 

  • $49.98 $99.95 -50%
    Product available with different options

    Final Sale   Impress your gym teacher in these cargo capris.The durable, supremely wicking, Brazilian compression fabric is so body hugging you'll score an A plus on all your low 2 high impact assignments. The functional back & side pockets can hide a gym key or small Ipod while the thick supplex fabric hides all your other assets!  Be teacher's...

  • $23.00

    This Legging is a No Brainer!   Can't decide what to wear? Well this super comfy cotton/lycra  legging by T-Party will be your go to pant. Wear them to the gym when you work out. You can wear them to the store when your out and about. You can wear them with sneakers and a tee, or a top made of lace, you can wear them... any place!

  • $84.00

    Peekaboo Mesh! Show off your well-defined muscles in this capri with thin mesh insets by Equilibrium Activewear! Fitted and flattering, it will not restrict movement so you are able to focus entirely on your task at hand - working out! Pair with one of our many Equilibrium tops!

Showing 649 - 672 of 751 items

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