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Bia Brazil Activewear Bottoms 

These great fitness bottoms from Brazil are made from Supplex! Most of them are one size fits most sizes 4-12. We carry a few basic styles in large 12-14 also! You will get hooked on the feel of this compression fabric! It literally compresses cellulite! Wear dark colors and it looks like cellulite disappears. The wicking fabric pulls sweat away from the body, drying quickly, so sweat away! With proper care, they wont shrink, stretch, twist, or fade! High performance and beauty all wrapped up in one! Available are fitness shorts, capris, boot cut pants, and leggings-everything you need to suit your active lifestyle!

  • Bia Brazil Activewear Capris
    Bia Brazil Activewear Capris

    This category is for Capris, they are fitted through the butt and legs! Dont forget most shorter women look good in fitted bottoms rather than loose. We believe men must have invented the loose capri to make women look dumpy if they are petite. Bia Brazil Activewear will make you assets look great in this style! Wash in cold water inside out and hang to dry. Leave out of the dryer and they will give you years of use!

  • Bia Brazil Activewear Pants
    Bia Brazil Activewear Pants

    If you only can own one pair of fitness pants, it should be a Bia Brazil Pant! The Supplex is an amazing compression fabric! It holds everything together-need we say more? The Boot Cut Pant has been outselling all categories!

  • Bia Brazil Activewear Shorts
    Bia Brazil Activewear Shorts

    Ladies, if you are lucky enough to be able to wear shorts, these are gonna look great on your butt! Go ahead and browse through the styles! Bia Brazil Activewear always has something great for your body!Fabulous Fitness Shorts from LisaM!

  • Bia Brazil Activewear Skort
    Bia Brazil Activewear Skort

    Skorts by Bia Brazil Activewear! These great pieces are fun because they allow you to wear a skirt with no worry of flashing anyone! Call it what you want : a tennis skirt, fitness skort, hiking skirt ...Just get out there and do it!

  • Bia Brazil Activewear Leggings
    Bia Brazil Activewear Leggings

    These fitted fitness leggings will get you moving! Thank goodness this style of fitness pants has come back into fashion. These fitted leggings will hide many flaws, keep you warm and dry, and even look cool with boots! They are fitted from the tummy to the ankle! Bia Brazil Activewear heavy weight Supplex will eliminate the need to cover up your behind. Here is where "Fitness, Fashion, and Function all come together!"

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Showing 1 - 24 of 70 items

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