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Margarita Activewear Tops 

Margarita Activewear Tops have a great fit! They come in sizes that fit almost all of us fit girls, from size 32A -36D ! Most all of the tops From Margarita Activewear have some sort of a shelf liner Inside! All the tops are made of Supplex from Brazil and are constructed in Israel!

  • Margarita Activewear Bra Tops
    Margarita Activewear Bra Tops

    Margarita Activewear Bra Tops are short, sweet and tough! Made from the finest heavy Supplex, they are built To last! Margarita bras come in three sizes, so they will fit 32A-36D! They are all double self-lined with either Supplex or a Cool Max type wicking fabric. So you can sweat, run, jump, dance and always dry off quickly!

  • Margarita Activewear Jackets
    Margarita Activewear Jackets
  • Margarita Activewear Long Tops
    Margarita Activewear Long Tops

    Margarita Activewear long camisole tops are all hand made in Israel on a kibbutz! With great pride in their work and great attention to detail, the Israelis make a superior garment! Hands down, you won't find anything as unique anywhere in the fitness realm. Sizing is great- 32A-36D in the long camisole tanks! Made from Brazilian Supplex and Self lined with either Supplex or a Cool Max type wicking material!

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  • $100.00

    Structure That Workout!  This waist slimming, structured jacket is the perfect cover up after a long workout. The top stitching creates a beautiful, seamed look that exemplifies the superior quality of Margarita Activewear. 

  • $69.00
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    Treat Yourself to Tie Dye!  This long scoop neck racerback fitness tank is so sexy! It is printed with vibrant batik tie dye that will turn heads. Feel the love and feel the sweat, because you can work as hard or as easily as you like in this tank. Margarita Activewear does tie dye, the classy way.

  • $80.00

    Check out the Heart and Stud Detail!  Get studly in an edgy tank by Margarita Activewear! The mesh hearts on the front and back come in red or white! Get your style on and pick your favorite!

  • $67.00

    The Picture Says it All! We love Margarita Activewear!   This top has a fantastic tie dye splash on both sides, and is made of sweatproof supplex! No worries of overheating or oversweating, because this Margarita Activewear tie dye tank is a lifesaver! It will soak up your sweat and let your skin breathe, but all with a color splash of style.  

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