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So many choices! What garments best suit my needs? Most of our fitness clothes are excellent for multiple uses. We focus here on clothing particularly suited to your favorite ways to sweat,lounge, and/ or travel in comfort and style. We have hands on personal experience with every garment we sell. Knowing the cut, fabric, fit, relative size, etc will help us provide you with exactly what you need. Choose the kind of activity or exercise that you are interested in, and we will recommend the appropriate attire!

  • On The Go!
    On The Go!
    These versatile styles of fitness wear hop from gym to car pool with ease. Hot pocket detailing that make your butt look awesome but are as comfortable as sweats. Great for travel or those long business meetings! The tops are super cute! Leggings that slim you down under a cute tunic...
  • In the Gym
    In the Gym
    All our fitness clothes are good for the gym! However, these styles are particularly suited to hot sweaty gym workouts!
  • Yoga
    Let loose with these comfortable and free-moving styles! Much of the yoga wear recommended here is tried and tested by our customers and ourselves for years. Fitness Fashions has modified, designed, and developed many items in this section with those needs in mind. Check out the cute styles!
  • Running/Jogging
    Running and jogging puts particular pressure on your body. Studies have shown that up to 20% of your energy expenditure can be saved by wearing tighter fitting garments. These garments provide support for the muscles while keeping them warm and injury free! The girls need love too! In this section are our best running bras. These bras are comfortable, road tested and supportive.
  • Hiking
    Sweat it out in durable gear that will withstand the dirt and the heat and help you do the same! This section has supportive, non-binding tops, comfortable wicking layers, fitted leggings, capris, and shorts that are AWESOME for the outdoors. So whether you are hiking for a day or a month, this is the gear for you!
  • Spinning/Cycling
    Ever have to yank up your hot little capris while spinning?Have you ever caught your pant leg in the gears? What about having one of your boobs make a cameo appearance? If any of these things have happened to you (or to your friend, or if you can even imagine it happening to you), then this is the section for you.
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Showing 1 - 24 of 1397 items

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