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Running and jogging puts particular pressure on your body. Studies have shown that up to 20% of your energy expenditure can be saved by wearing tighter fitting garments. These garments provide support for the muscles while keeping them warm and injury free! The girls need love too! In this section are our best running bras. These bras are comfortable, road tested and supportive.
  • Running/Jogging Tops
    Running/Jogging Tops
    Supportive tops for high-impact activities. The tops presented in this section will be just right for you to use while getting your groove on! Running or Jogging or even a Plyometrics Class!
  • Running/Jogging Bottoms
    Running/Jogging Bottoms
    These bottoms will keep you packed in tight. Most of the pants presented here are of the fitted variety ! They seem to be the best bet for traveling fast on your feet! It's been proven by sports med doctors that if you wear fitted bottoms your muscles stay warm and you can avoid muscle strain injuries. Wearing compression fabrics will help with less energy expended because there is less movement! Fitted Capris, shorts and Fitted Fitness Leggings (for cold weather) can all be found here! There is nothing like Endorphins in your blood stream! Enjoy your Shopping and your Run!
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Showing 1 - 24 of 214 items

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