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Sweat it out in durable gear that will withstand the dirt and the heat and help you do the same! This section has supportive, non-binding tops, comfortable wicking layers, fitted leggings, capris, and shorts that are AWESOME for the outdoors. So whether you are hiking for a day or a month, this is the gear for you!
  • Hiking Tops
    Hiking Tops
    These fitness tops are ideal for any type of hike! They dry quickly so you you wont get hypothermia outside if its cold, and if it's hot and muggy weather as the top wicks away moisture you will be cooled! You get the best of both worlds with Fitness Fashions Tops!
  • Hiking Bottoms
    Hiking Bottoms
    Sweat it out in any environment with these hiking bottoms!
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Showing 1 - 24 of 281 items

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