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One Step Ahead is made in the USA

One Step Ahead is made in San Francisco ,California . They have been producing a quality garment for over  25 years now !

The brushed Supplex and or Tactel fabrics feel like "shammy" on the skin !

The fabric nevers fades or shrinks ,it wicks away moisture and dries instantly !

All the pants have a gusset in the crotch !

What else could you want from a 4 way stretch fabric ?

This company will custom make ANY STYLE  in special lengths or colors avaliable with only a three day lead time !

All you have to do is contact us with your special order !

 The people who 'dont want to be sucked in' literally, love these fabrics.

From our experience its the  "yoga girls" who  love this weight and preformance of these fabrics.

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  • $36.00

    This Tank is Simple and Sweet This simple tank is unlined so you can choose what ever sports bra to wear under it! Two inch wide straps make it comfortable on the shoulders.

  • $61.00

    Be Soft and Bright!   This pair of One Step Ahead fitness leggings will make you as soft and bright as they are! With brightly colored pockets and waistband, these accentuate the butt while slimming the hips. 

  • $61.00

    Give Your Workout Some Contrast!   Do something a little more colorful this workout, with these One Step Ahead V front leggings with colorized accents! The crossover V front looks super cute while accentuating the feminine curve of your hips.   

  • $36.00

    Get the Skinny on this Skinny Sports Bra!   The back of this One Step Ahead sports bra has a skinny design, and the front pinches in between the bust. This gives it a cute vibe - it's absolutely adorable on petite women. 

  • $54.00

    Sport a Skort!   A sporty skort for your sporting needs! This One Step Ahead skort is made with soft brushed Supplex, making it simultaneously cozy and sweatproof. Contrast stitching makes X shapes on either side, adding some fun to the mix. 

  • $66.00

    Get Ready for Coziness!   These super cozy wide leg pants by One Step Ahead were made for comfort. These are great for snuggling up by a fire after a day of snow sports, or for studying late into the night.  Please Note: All pants ordered that are longer than the standard 32" length there is an additional $10 fee automatically added on.

  • $80.00

    Feel Stylish in a Zip!    Zip up this supersoft hoodie and hit the road - it's comfortable, simple and flattering. A drawstring hood and long, cozy sleeves make this a hoodie worth bringing along. 

  • $34.00

    These Shorts Are Great For Hot Yoga!  Here are a pair of classic roll-down fitness short shorts made by One Step Ahead, made wth brushed Supplex. The roll down waistband allows for a high or low waist - but the shorts are extra short either way!

  • $56.00

    Classic, Cool, and Comfortable!    Loose and comfortable, this midrise fitness capri by One Step Ahead will let you feel free to move as you wish. Feel fun and unconstricted in this loose alternative to your favorite OSA styles! The fabric is soft as a feather, and super sweatproof - don't be afraid to work out hard in these!

  • $92.00

    Simple and Beautiful   This is a nice, loose alternative to the fitted cover ups. The extra long design will take you from the gym to the market with ease. Button it up and pull on your hood, or keep it open, flowy and free!

  • $53.00

    So Fabulous, They'll Have you in Stitches! A fitted fitness capri with colored stitching on the pockets! Work out with a flash of fab in these Supplex capris by One Step Ahead. Pull these on and get your run on, or impress your friends in your favorite yoga class. 

  • $72.00

    The Fit of a Bootcut and the Freedom of a Drawstring! These fitness pants by One Step Ahead have a drawstring, allowing for freedom of style! Keep them loose or tighten them up - they're ready for any type of workout. Please Note: All pants ordered that are longer than the standard 32" length there is an additional $10 fee automatically added on.

  • $42.00

    You'll Love the Ankle Detail!   With a superhigh waistband and a long, lean fit, these leggings will have you working out in style. The drawstring on these fitness leggings allows for control and freedom of fit - wear them loose or tight, without a fight.

  • $51.00

    Move your Booty! These fitness capris by One Step Ahead are one step ahead of fabulous. With contrasting color pockets on the rear, you can store your mp3 player without fear. A matching v front waistband and seaming detail at the calf make these capris all the rage.

  • $42.00

    Get Loose in these Drawstring Shorts!   A pair of comfortable, loose fitness shorts by One Step Ahead. Made with brushed supplex and a drawstring at the waist, you'll feel free and comfortable all workout long. Wear these in the gym or to the beach - whatever you choose, One Step Ahead has you covered.

  • $34.00

    Your New Favorites!  These fitness shorts with a V front made by One Step Ahead will be your favorite workout companion. Look and feel your best in soft brushed Supplex that wicks your sweat away. Wear these to hot yoga and be the hottest - and least sweaty - in the room.

  • $66.00

    Keep Cool in these Loose Pants! These loose drawstring fitness pants by One Step Ahead are so soft and loose! The extreme comfort of these pants makes them great as a cover up for after a workout, or as the perfect pair of pants for kicking around the house.

  • $62.00

    This Long Tunic is for Fitness!?   Feel free, flowy and fun-loving in this loose tank by One Step Ahead! It has spaghetti straps and is fitted at the bust, giving it some extra flair. The colorful bosom is a touch of attitude worthy of the hardest workout you could muster!

  • $62.00

    This Could Really Be Worn on the Street! It Covers Your Butt!   This great tank by One Step Ahead is loose and perfect for any outing! Take it to the gym and sweat it out, or head out with the girls for lunch. It is comfortable, cute, and practical for so many situations.

  • $68.00

    The Colored Stitching Makes These Pocket Pants Great!  These bootcut fitness pants by One Step Ahead have contrasting color stitching. These are fun and functional because they have pockets in the rear.

  • $68.00

    Check Out the Pockets!  These fitness pants by One Step Ahead have contrasting colored pockets and waistband! Slip your MP3 player in your pocket and go for a run! The V front and the contrasting color seaming add extra oomph and accentuate your curves.

  • $64.00
    Out of stock

    The Piping Around the Waist is a Nice Touch!  These pants have a nice high rise, for extra support and coverage. Wear these and feel great - the piping around the waist is cute, flattering and subtle.

  • $72.00

    The Roll Down Waist Pant Makes for a Flat Tummy!  A simple pair of roll down fitness pants, versatile enough for any of your favorite workouts. Wear these comfortable, simple bootcut pants to power yoga, weightlifting, or as a sexy alternative to jeans!

  • $66.00

    Check out the Zipper Pocket!  These flattering pants have a roll down waist that's the same color as the rest of the pants. What's more, there is a small zipper pocket on the front right of the pants - perfect for your keys or MP3 player!

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