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Information exclusively compiled by Fitness Fashions! From research, personal experience, and trial and error with customers, we have categorized our fitness wear according to which body type they are best for! Obviously "fit" girls are less constrained by body type, but it still helps to lead with your strengths. This section will hopefully help you to look your very best! Getting Started: If you have a specific trouble area, browse through the categories in Shop by Body Type to find products that will help your trouble spots. If you would like to delve a little deeper into what body type you are, read into these six body types and figure out which one you think is most like you. Each of the above pictures has a description below, and within each of the trouble areas will be some information about which body types line up with them. That will help you figure out whether or not you are in the right place! 1. Pear: The pear body type is characterized by wider hips or or thighs and a smaller bust and shoulders, forming a lovely pear shape. *Sections to check out: Big Hips or Booty Small Chest Narrow-Shouldered 2. Inverted Triangle: This body type is common among swimmers and body builders, or women who are just plain fit! *Sections to check out: Broad-Shouldered Narrow Hips or Flat Butt Small Chest Long Legs 3. Rectangle: The rectangular-shaped woman has a bit of a boyish body, with hips, bust and waist that are about the same size. *Sections to check out: It depends on whether you are evenly large or evenly thin, so browse through the sections to find what's right for you. 4. Hourglass: The barbie body-characterized by larger hips and larger bust with a little waist, you lucky ladies should fit well in lots of the items in the store. *Sections to check out: Large Chest Big Hips or Booty Long Legs Short Legs 5. Diamond: The diamond is the woman with average size bust and a little extra in the middle. *Sections to check out: Extra Tummy Small Calves 6. Apple: The luscious apple shaped woman has a large bust and stomach, with a smaller butt. *Sections to check out: Extra Tummy Large Chest Narrow Hips or Flat Butt **If you feel that you do not fit into any of these categories, that's fine! Just look through the different parts of the body that we have listed, and find your targeted areas.

  • Broad-Shouldered
    These styles are most flattering for the athletic woman with broader shoulders. Body Types: Inverted Triangle or Hourglass Rectangle
  • Narrow-Shouldered
    These styles will look great on you! Body Types: Pear Diamond
  • Large Chest
    Large Chest
    These tops will keep a large bust in control! Body Types: Hourglass Apple
  • Small Chest
    Small Chest
    These tops will help enhance your girlies. Body Types: Pear Inverted Triangle or Rectangle Diamond
  • Extra Tummy
    Extra Tummy
    If you have extra weight around the middle, check out these styles. Body Types: Apple Diamond
  • Big Hips or Booty
    Big Hips or Booty
    Bottoms that will flatter that bottom! Body Types: Pear Hourglass
  • Narrow Hips or Flat Butt
    Narrow Hips or Flat Butt
    Treat your cheeks with these booty-enhancing styles! Body Types: Apple Inverted Triangle or Rectangle
  • Long Legs
    Long Legs
    These items will flatter the longest of legs! Body Types: Any
  • Short Legs
    Short Legs
    These styles are best for shorter women and will flatter those legs! Body Types: Any
  • Small Calves
    Small Calves
    These bottoms will balance out thin-looking calves. Body Types: Diamond or Hourglass Inverted Triangle
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Showing 1 - 24 of 1354 items

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