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Archive for October, 2016

  • How Yoga Gives You Better Sleep from Stress

    How Yoga Gives You Better Sleep from Stress

    With the modern developments taking place in the world, running around for work trying to meet deadlines has left sleeping in the backseat. In addition, for many not sleeping has become a norm. The main concern is that if you do not get enough sleep it makes you feel frustrated and makes your day unpleasant at the same time. You need to back into your normal sleep cycle and there are many different things you can consider from eating a healthy diet, doing more exercises and try to use less of all the available electronic equipment known to keep you busy. This will help to improve your sleep patterns, providing you with a great night of rest. Another, way to give you better sleep is by taking part in Yoga. This is one of the best physical exercises to make you sleep peacefully. It not only helps to make you sleep and is a great stress reliever at the same time. Read More

    2016-10-27 Home, Blog, Workouts, Health 0
  • 6 Motivations Why Women Should Strength Train

    6 Motivations Why Women Should Strength Train

    We all know that strength training is a man thing or is it! There is nothing wrong if women want to start strength training as it has many benefits. For years, it may have been a testosterone thing as women feel they will build muscle and make them look butch you are so wrong. We have 6 motivations as to why women should strength train. Read More

    2016-10-24 Home, Blog, Workouts 0
  • How Overeating can Actually Rewire Your Brain

    How Overeating can Actually Rewire Your Brain

    Did you know that your belly is connected to your brain – no, it actually is as when you splurge the likeliness is that you will continue bingeing? You follow the strict rules of dieting and reaching your health goals, but when you cheat, you feel guilty. According to a new study by Thomas Jefferson University, they have shown there is a truth about overeating making you binge on fries to overindulging late at night. So how can overeating actually rewire your brain?Read More

    2016-10-21 Home, Blog, Health 0
  • Keep It Simple - Practice Naturally

    Keep It Simple - Practice Naturally

    Have you ever heard of the latest campaign making its word heard about using synthetic or unnatural materials in yoga activewear? This debate has made worldwide news and is still going on. Recline on your sofa and learn about this sizzling debate now.Read More

    2016-10-18 Home, Blog, Workouts 0
  • Get Gardening it is the Best Spring Workout Routine

    Get Gardening it is the Best Spring Workout Routine

    There have been many speculations going around when it comes to obesity, whether gardening could solve this solution. We all know that we need to follow a healthy, balanced diet and need exercise to start shedding those inches. However, how has gardening actually solved this problem – by starting a garden you’re reconnected with different food supplies? It helps to make you aware of your nutritional foods as an alternative to choosing over-refined foods.Read More

    2016-10-11 Home, Blog, Workouts, Health 0
  • What Women Should Eat to Stay Healthy

    What Women Should Eat to Stay Healthy

    We all start out young but eventually we all grow old and the best is to start young in eating healthy and doing your regular exercises in growing old gracefully. Nevertheless, what should women eat to stay healthy? According to many experts, they have found five foods to help women age well! Therefore, if you want to stay healthy and live a healthier lifestyle makes sure to eat these five foods! WHY!!! Because they can fend off diseases and help, build your immune system while protecting your skin and keeping your weight down.Read More

    2016-10-07 Home, Blog, Health 0
  • To Lengthen and Strengthen in Yoga

    To Lengthen and Strengthen in Yoga

    We all know the words that start with L when it comes to our bodies – we want to be lean, some of us want a long body while others are in need of lithe. We would like to share with you today, some great lengthen and strengthen moves used in Yoga, Pilates and even dance to stretch your body while toning at the same time. With these six exercises, you can move one-step to the next without even needing to stop. You can start by doing up to 3 rounds while taking a one-minute breather in between, and feel a little taller when reaching the end (only joking) will take some time if you keep to your routine. Read More

    2016-10-05 Home, Blog, Workouts 0

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