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  • How Yoga Gives You Better Sleep from Stress

    How Yoga Gives You Better Sleep from Stress

    With the modern developments taking place in the world, running around for work trying to meet deadlines has left sleeping in the backseat. In addition, for many not sleeping has become a norm. The main concern is that if you do not get enough sleep it makes you feel frustrated and makes your day unpleasant at the same time. You need to back into your normal sleep cycle and there are many different things you can consider from eating a healthy diet, doing more exercises and try to use less of all the available electronic equipment known to keep you busy. This will help to improve your sleep patterns, providing you with a great night of rest. Another, way to give you better sleep is by taking part in Yoga. This is one of the best physical exercises to make you sleep peacefully. It not only helps to make you sleep and is a great stress reliever at the same time. Read More

    2016-10-27 Home, Blog, Workouts, Health 0
  • Keep It Simple - Practice Naturally

    Keep It Simple - Practice Naturally

    Have you ever heard of the latest campaign making its word heard about using synthetic or unnatural materials in yoga activewear? This debate has made worldwide news and is still going on. Recline on your sofa and learn about this sizzling debate now.Read More

    2016-10-18 Home, Blog, Workouts 0
  • To Lengthen and Strengthen in Yoga

    To Lengthen and Strengthen in Yoga

    We all know the words that start with L when it comes to our bodies – we want to be lean, some of us want a long body while others are in need of lithe. We would like to share with you today, some great lengthen and strengthen moves used in Yoga, Pilates and even dance to stretch your body while toning at the same time. With these six exercises, you can move one-step to the next without even needing to stop. You can start by doing up to 3 rounds while taking a one-minute breather in between, and feel a little taller when reaching the end (only joking) will take some time if you keep to your routine. Read More

    2016-10-05 Home, Blog, Workouts 0
  • Yoga with BIA Brazil Fitness Wear

    Yoga with BIA Brazil Fitness Wear

    Taking part in Yoga helps your body to connect with the space it moves in. As you begin to focus on your consciousness, you’ll start honing in on the mere sensations that arise during your session when you don’t have to worry about your pants tearing at the seam at any given movement. Yoga is getting stylish mode, which could be a curse or a blessing. It’s a tormented practice when your Velcro on your favorite shorts keeps popping open or you are drenched in your T-shirt. This is why you need to do your yoga with BIA Brazil fitness wear. Read More

    2016-09-29 Home, Blog, Fashion 0
  • How to Care For Your Yoga Wear

    How to Care For Your Yoga Wear

    Hey, Guys! We’re clearly into clothes. Activewear especially. We sell them, we wear them, and we live in them! Since we released our Onzie yoga wear range, this breathable, moisture-wicking sportswear can make your workout much more comfy than cotton. Apart from these cutting edge fabrics, they need a little more TLC that you may not be aware of. Read More

    2016-09-27 Home, Blog, Fashion 0
  • What Makes the Onzie Yoga Clothing Different

    What Makes the Onzie Yoga Clothing Different

    It is not easy to find the right Activewear for yoga; however, with the new breakthrough of Onzie yoga wear it has changed the world when it comes to being active. Compared to most other brands out there the clothing sometimes does not survive the first wash. Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for only a pair of leggings? Therefore, what makes Onzie Activewear different from other brands?Read More

    2016-09-22 Home, Fashion, Blog 0
  • Onzie Yoga Clothing is More Than Just Classy

    Onzie Yoga Clothing is More Than Just Classy

    If you enjoy the heated up yoga one item that can break your practice is your outfit. If you have a non-breathable and confining clothes, it will not let you cool off and leaves you uncomfortable and sweaty. Now, this is why Onzie workout clothes are more than just classy.Read More

    2016-09-13 Home, Fashion, Blog 0
  • Latest Workout Trends this Year

    Latest Workout Trends this Year

    We all know today how important workouts are. Experts around the world try to discover newer ways to stay fit.Read More

    2016-07-20 Home, Blog 0
  • Tips to choose good quality yoga clothing

    Tips to choose good quality yoga clothing

    Choosing proper exercise clothing is as important as choosing the perfect exercise routine. Similarly in the case of yoga it is essential to choose proper clothing in which you are going to be doing yoga.Read More

    2016-07-13 Home, Blog 0
  • What to Wear for Hot Yoga

    What to Wear for Hot Yoga

    Hot Yoga is a combination of postures carried out under warm and humid conditions. A session can last between 60 - Read More

    2016-07-10 Home, Blog 0

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