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Consciously Cool Chick Yoga Mat | Fitness Fashions

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No matter the temperature during a yoga session, you will maintain better balance when using Consciously Cool Chick’s combination towel-and-base yoga mat. Once you experience the advantages of our mat’s built-in towel, you’ll want no other yoga mat stabilizing your feet and body! Additionally, the mat’s four-millimeter thickness (almost ¼ inch) ensures cushioned comfort during your most challenging yoga, Pilates, cardio, boot camp, or other strenuous exercise class.

Hello—welcome to Consciously Cool Chick, where she is always exploring the far-reaching significance of their company’s name. It’s become a mission for them, a dream of sorts. Our owner and resident artist, Camille Enkeboll, creates graphic designs intended to spread messages of personal hope and renewal.

We believe in waking up to inspiration and contributing to society. These goals are achievable through a love of self and others, a passion for peace, appreciation of the moment, and authentically connecting with yourself and others.

The mat with built-in towel adds a level of safety to your workouts unmatched by other yoga mats. The built-in towel absorbs your sweat, so the mat doesn’t become the exercise equivalent of a skating pond. And because the towel is attached, no more worries about your bath towel from home sliding off the mat or bunching up while you’re in Downward-Facing Dog (or other challenging poses).

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