These are Space Age Sexy!

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These spacey fitness pants are designed to perfection! These are perfect for an hourglass figure and/or bodacious booty, because this crazy pattern really flatters curves.

Psychedelic Pant PA188 by Bia Brazil Activewear

Get a butt that looks outta this world in these space age moonpants! These pants look amazing, but you have to love being looked at. If you can pull these off, these pants will help you loosen up and get crazy!

The psychedelic print is made with a process called sublimation - because these pants are hand-printed, they cost more than the same pants in plain.


- Sexy graffiti-like space print

- Bootcut and long

- Tight fit - show zero cellulite

- New printed fabrics are very dense with little stretch, so only fit up to a size 8.

- Made with Brazilian Supplex

- Machine wash cold, line or lay flat to dry

- One size fits most 2-8

- Made in Brazil


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