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Bia Brazil has taken their iconic "carnivale" from their backyard to yours...your back side that is! The amazing array of colors feel like a splash of Brazil on your pants. Of course the quick-wick drying material will keep you cool while the super huggy compression fabric will supercharge your Latin dance class. Ole Ole OLE!

Bia Brazil Activewear Clothing SL4069 Renaissance Printed Capri

Soft printed supplex will keep you comfortable, while a wide waistband will keep you held together. Make a splash in the workout room, whether doing push-ups in bootcamp or sweating it out in Bikram. No matter what you are doing, you'll feel confident in these stylish capris.


- Colorful printed pattern

- Wide waistband for support

- Capri length

- Soft printed Brazilian supplex

- Sweatproof compression fabric

- One Size Fits Most 0-8


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