Equilibrium Active Wear is a pioneer of the sports wear industry. They incorporate the latest fashions and best materials, and the knowledge of what ‘on the go’ women really look for and need in sports wear apparel. In doing so, they are able to offer a perfect balance between fashion, comfort, quality and durability. They design, manufacture and distribute their own lines of active wear, ensuring us the power to control the quality of our clothing and the ability to offer long lasting, extremely comfortable, and perfectly fitting clothes.All of their clothes are made exclusively with Supplex ® and Lycra ® fibers manufactured by Dupont ®. Supplex ® is a material that has revolutionized the sports wear industry as we know it. Clothing will keep their bright vibrant colors after years of washing and drying, and will never fuzz or pill. The fibers are made to enhance the elasticity of the material while at the same time maintaining the soft-cottony feeling. This material resists abrasions, tears, and punctures as well as being odor, wind and water resistant. In blends with Lycra ® and Supplex ® fibers, you will get a product that creates a firm, perfect fit that feels natural. The versatility is endless- our clothes are perfect for workouts of all types, and at all levels. With a flexibility that only Lycra ® can provide, it stretches up to 500% and returns to its original shape without damaging the fibers. Their garments will provide complete freedom of movement; while still maintaining the skin-like effect that adapts to the shape of your body, displaying every muscle and curve you have worked so hard for. Manufacturing their entire collection with Suplex ® Lycra ®, Equilibrium Active Wear offers a high-end product, which is still 36% softer than nylon, fast drying, and does not fade, wrinkle or shrink like cotton does. This is why they have happy, return customers all over the world, who can use their clothing year round for all types of activities and sports and, most importantly, offers ultimate comfort.To feel fit….. To look good…. …is Equilibrium