With a clear path toward empowerment and sexiness, NUX USA emphasizes style, support and comfort. Their fitness tops, bottoms, and bras are made to hug a woman’s curves, while simultaneously providing compression and support. Soft, seamless, and supportive, these pieces aim to hold you together and wick your sweat away simultaneously. With bra lined tops and muffin top-free bottoms, NUX USA keeps a woman’s body in mind, at all times. Great for yoga, hiking, biking, dancing, or whatever your heart may desire!

The Brand’s website defines
NUXOLOGY as:”To be pro peace and anti nothing.To lead with my heart and follow with my mind.To honor humility and be humbled by honorable people.To choose to dance through life with all of my imperfections.To cultivate compassion for the world by having compassion for myself.”
– nuxusa.com