Boring Girls Need Not Apply!

If you want some attention click the "Buy" button now. Need we say more check these pants out. Mesh insets down the side of the legs and slick shiny fabric to round out the design. Dare you to wear these out to dinner with some heels.Bia Brazil has out done themselves again.

Sleek, Smooth and a Bit Sexy Bia Brazil Leggings LE5000

If you still want to call these activewear, go for it!

  • Mesh inset down the outside of the legs
  • Shiny fabric trim
  • Saddle back rear end
  • Made in Brazil
  • Ankle length
  • One size fits most 0-10
  • Washing Instructions
  • cold water inside out
  • never wash with velcro towels or zippers
  • no iron
  • no dryer
  • hang to dry or lie flat


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