Final Sale! Equilibrium Activewear Tie Dye Legging L750

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Color: Black/White TieDye
Size: M/L
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We Dye for Tie Dye

These Equilibrium leggings have just the right amout of simplicity with a bit of sizzle. The tie dye starts at the thigh and reaching down to your ankles. These leggings leave your thighs and butt looking slick with the solid black at the top.

Equilibrium Activewear Tie Dye Legging L750

Dying for more tie dye? We have TONS of tie dye fitness wear available!


- Tie Dye pattern

- Solid black at the top, tie die pattern on the legs

- Ankle Length

- Sweatproof Brazilian Supplex

- Equilibrium Activewear runs small

- Sizes:

Small: 0-4

Medium: 4-6

Large: 6-8

Tie dye tying you down? Mosey on back to Equilibrium Activewear Fitness Leggings.


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