How Breathing Exercises Can Propagate Wellness

How Breathing Exercises Can Propagate Wellness
Are you alive – if you are presently reading the article you are and breathing? However, as adults, we do not breathe as effectively as we should. Have you given any thought to your breathing – no thought so. Did you know that you could propagate wellness by concentrating on your breathing as it helps to distress your body? You can control your breathing and generate it into something more beneficial than just exchanging it as oxygen into carbon dioxide. This is how breathing exercises can propagate wellness in strengthening your chest muscles making it easier for you to breath, it does not require any special equipment, and you can start anywhere and anytime. Breathe to help relieve your stress You live in an uncertain world and one of the huge factors and health concern is stress. Anxiety intensifies health concerns and causes many different ailments. By doing some simple breathing exercises, it helps reduce stress on your mind and body. It helps oxygen to flow to your brain invigorating the process and making you focus. By practicing different types of breathing exercises can propagate wellness and relieve stress causing health problems. It helps to increase your oxygen intake by 20% and increases your overall health. You will feel more energetic and in turn, helps to prevent panic attacks and make your breathing more relaxed. Have you ever felt worked up and feel that you cannot breathe thinking you are having a heart attack – this is a panic attack that is normally short lived. By doing the following exercise regularly will help calm your body in no time. Called a Relaxing Breath Exercise:
  1. Start by sitting with your back straight,
  2. Place the tip of your tongue on the ridges of your gums behind the upper section of your front teeth,
  3. Keep your tongue there throughout the exercise as you start by exhaling through your mouth while making a whooshing sound,
  4. Close your mouth after exhaling and quietly inhale through your nose for 4 counts and holding your breath for 7 counts,
  5. Now exhale completely through your mouth with that whooshing sound on a count of 8 – this is one cycle of breathing – repeat for 4 breaths.
This is a very helpful and useful to help alleviate stress and clears your mind calming your anger. Breathing while Exercising Do the following breathing exercises for circulating wellness: The Diaphragm Exercise:
  • Lie on your back with a pillow supporting it and bending your knees,
  • Place your hands on your stomach below your rib cage,
  • Inhale for 3 counts and feel your stomach and lower ribs rising – exhale for 6 counts completely.
This helps to increase your oxygen intake and strengthens both your chest muscles and lungs. Once mastering this technique you will be able to do this while walking, climbing stairs, or standing. Deep Breathing:
  1. Stand or sit straight now pull your elbows firmly back and inhale,
  2. Hold this for a count of 5 and slowly exhale or,
  3. Do a pursed lip breathing that is great if you are short of breath – relax your shoulders and neck,
  4. Breath in through your nose slowly for 3 counts and pursed your lips as if you want to whistle,
  5. Now breathe out for a count of 3 and let the air escape naturally.
  Final Words As you can see by our techniques this is how breathing exercises can propagate wellness – in turn, you will feel less stressed, strengthen your chest and lung muscles and make you feel full of energy. No matter what your age you can begin your journey to living a healthier lifestyle the natural way today by following these exercises and learning how to do them better.