How to Select the Right Yoga Mat

How to Select the Right Yoga Mat
If you're reading this article, it can be assumed that you have taken the life changing decision to start yoga. It will allow you to focus on yourself, and find your inner peace amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. No sooner than you start practicing yoga, will you be able to see its benefits. Meditation and a hour of yoga can do wonders for both your mental and physical health. But to get the most out of yoga, you need to have the right accessories. You need to be suitably dressed and have the right yoga mats for your session. After all, if you're serious about it, you need to get your hands on the best yoga accessories and clothing to keep you motivated every day. How to Choose the Perfect Yoga Mat? If you have joined a yoga class recently, or have a personal trainer coming over to teach you, the first thing they'll talk about is the importance of getting a proper yoga mat. Yoga mats, contrary to popular belief, are of different types and you need to understand which ones would be best for you. These tips can help you out -
  • Thickness- The thickness of your mat is of the utmost importance. If it isn't thick enough, you might injure yourself, say your knee or your back during one of the stretches. But it cannot be too thick either, otherwise it'll be difficult to maintain balance during the Tree Pose or other positions. You can get the standard yoga mats having about 1/8 inch thickness or if you want it extra thick, go for the 1/4 inch ones. It is upto you actually, if you want more cushioning, you should go for the second option.
  • Material - After you have decided upon the thickness of your yoga mat, you need to finalize the material. Yoga mats with good material are more resistant to wear and tear and are likely to last longer. You really shouldn't compromise on the quality of your yoga mat, a poor quality one will have a rough texture and decreased sponginess. More the sponginess, more easily it'll yield to pressure. Earlier, yoga mats used to made of vinyl, but now eco-friendly materials like recycled and natural rubber, organic cotton or jute are being used.
  • Texture - If absolute comfort is a criteria for you, you must go for the ones with the best texture. A yoga mat having good texture will prevent you from sliding or slipping or tripping during your stretches. It also determines the traction provided. Some yoga mats, like jute ones, have a roughness, which might be preferred by a few. But if you do not like that, you might want to go for vinyl ones, they are comparatively softer. Moreover, you can customize the texture of yoga mats according to your needs.
  • Style- Now that is something which while not of the utmost importance, is significant nonetheless. Once you have decided upon the above, why not go for a yoga mat that makes a style statement? You do not have to settle for the same boring colors! Go for bright colors or printed ones. There are lots of unique yoga mats in the market. And you can choose anyone of them if you want to stand out from the rest.
The yoga mat you select could make or break the deal. You need to be absolutely sure before you purchase your yoga mat, and should try it out once before taking the plunge.