Seven Tips for Running

Seven Tips for Running
  • Consistency is the key to improving, so try to run every day.
  • Find motivation to run, such as running for charity or training to compete in a marathon.
  • Invest in cute and comfortable workout clothes. It will make running easier and more enjoyable.
  • Always dress to run like it's warmer than it is. As soon as you start running, you'll warm up and be glad you didn't put on so many layers.
  • In order to get stronger, your body needs time to rebuild. Mix easy days with tough, and avoid pushing when your body needs a break.
  • Running up an incline makes for a more intense workout, but keep in mind the damage running downhill can do to your knees.
  • Running can be a solitary pursuit, but running with others can give you instant motivation and make running more fun. Find local running groups through websites or by asking your local fitness store or gym.