Six Ways to Have Better Sleep

Six Ways to Have Better Sleep
  • Your body releases the chemical melatonin, which makes you sleepy, buy only in the darkness. Sitting in a dimly lit room before getting ready for bed can put you in the right mind-set for sleep.
  • Lit screens, that includes televisions too, are stimulating, so it's best to avoid them before bedtime.
  • If cold feet are keeping you awake, warm them up with a soft pair of socks. The extra layer under the covers can help improve circulation in your extremities, which can help you fall asleep more quickly.
  • A large meal or spicy snack too close to bedtime can leave your digestive system working overtime while the rest of your body lies awake.
  • Alcohol may make you drowsy, but it will disrupt your sleep patterns later in the night and keep you from getting the deep, restorative REM sleep you need to feel refreshed.
  • Smoking to relax before bed can actually do the opposite, revving up your heart rate and keeping your brain alert.