Some Yummy Juicer Recipes for Energy
We have been consuming energy giving drinks and juices for quite a long time now and with time they have gotten better in taste and healthier and more beneficial for the user. Gone are the days when you would wince at the sight of a naturally prepared energy juice as now most energy juices are good for the taste buds as well as the body. Artificial energy drinks are readily available in the market however they are never as good as the natural energy juices are simply because natural juices are safe from the side effects of artificially prepared juices. We will now acquit you with the recipes for some of the best energy juices which are great in taste as well. Beet Root juice Beet juice is one the most popular energy drinks for athletes, as they provide endurance and stamina boost to the human body and helps reduce blood pressure while being high in nutrient value as well. To make this juice we will need one beet, one green apple, one-half of a cucumber and six celery stalks. We also need a vegetable juicer to which we will need to add all of the above ingredients and then mix them to prepare the juice which should be consumed immediately for maximum effectiveness. Morning Sunshine Smoothie This really delicious burst of tangy and sweetened citrus with a high dosage of vitamin C is a great tonic for your early morning energy requirements as it will jolt you with energy and help you start off your day to a flyer. To prepare this juice we need one ruby red grapefruit (juiced), two or three freshly-juiced tangerines and few frozen juicy strawberries. Next we will need to peel off the tangerines and juice them together with the grapefruit and then puree this delicious blend with the few frozen strawberries to prepare the ultimate morning energy drink. Minted Fruit Cocktail Juice This healthy mixture of some of the most nutritious fruits is a great one to have for vitalizing your body and mind while filling yourself with a gush of healthy energy. To concoct this energy juice we will need one-half cup of pineapple, one apple which has been peeled, cored and then sliced, two cups of watermelon which have been cubed and then seeded, one orange peeled and divided, one teaspoon of lemon juice and a small little sprig of fresh mint. After getting all of the above mentioned ingredients we will need to juice up the apple followed by the orange and then the pineapple and transfer this juice mixture to a blender. To the blender we will be adding the rest of the ingredients which include the watermelon, the small piece of mint and the lemon juice and puree this ultimate fruit mixture to make it as smooth as we want for our consumption. The above mentioned naturally tasty energy juices are sure to fill you up with stimulating energy and help you maintain your health and body in the perfect condition.