Spring time is a time for renewal
Spring time is a time for renewal, a time when everything comes back to life from the slumber of winter,a time to recharge and get energized for all what lies ahead with summer around the corner.It is also a great reminder to update your workout wardrobe! Check your gear. Check your shoes: running shoes essentially come in two variations:road and trail,you want to make sure you have a shoe that best fits your feet considering your arch,width,and the pronation of your feet(the natural side-to-side movement of the foot as you walk or run). It is important to get a shoe that gives you the right arch support: flatfooted,with low arches people for example may require extra support in the form of in soles to avoid possible complications: most outdoor and running stores carry high grade insoles and typically have a process to determine what in sole is right for you. Check your outfit: Having the right layers that give you breathability and support your range of motion is critical to an enjoyable run/jog/walk on the trail. In the spring time; look for clothing that is breathable.

Light pull overs such as this pictured One Step Ahead Half Zip long sleeve are great for spring and even early morning summer running. This, and others in our collection, made from Supplex/Lycra, they are breathable and fast drying with great color retention, while offering high resistance to abrasion.