The Benefits of Drinking Water
Let's face it - it's hard to get our daily recommended water intake each day. We'll carry around a water bottle all day, which gives us a certain sense that we are getting enough, but still barely finish a bottle or two. Well, ladies, it's time to drink up. Every day, our bodies have to protect us from disease, pollution, and toxins in food. Our bodies have to sweat, to breathe, to pump blood through our veins at every living moment. Water is our life force. Without it, all of these functions would be impossible. It's time to get with the program. To give you a little inspiration, below is a list of reasons why drinking lots of water will help you, now and in the long run! 1.Intelligence- Your brain functions at it's peak performance when it is well-hydrated 2. Anti-Aging- The more water you drink, the more moisturized and plump your skin will be. Allow it to dry out frequently, and you'll wither up much more quickly. 3. Weight Loss- Water is not only an appetite suppressant, but it helps your body to more efficiently burn fat. 4. Muscle Development- When you are well hydrated, your blood can carry oxygen to your muscles more efficiently, allowing you to work out harder and longer. 5. Energy- When dehydrated, your body is weak and stressed. Give it a break, and drink a glass! 6. Digestion- Drinking water can help balance the acidity in your stomach, in addition to helping with constipation and digestion issues. 7. Your Heart- Drinking water lowers risk of a heart attack, according to the American Journal of Epidemiology (May 1, 2002). 8. Your Kidneys- The kidneys are vital to removing toxins from the body. In order to do this, they need to have an adequate amount of water to flush them into your urine. The benefits of drinking water are a-plenty - but what's most important is the way that you feel every day! You may not be able to see the direct effects of water on your heart and kidneys, but you can feel your energy levels change, you can see your skin glow! Try setting a goal for daily consumption - to drink your entire sports bottle 3 times a day, for example. If it's hard to remember, set a reminder on your phone or watch. You could even work together with a friend, co-worker or spouse, encouraging one another to drink more water in opportune moments. Another great method is to have a full glass of water before bed, and have another one ready at your bedside for the moment you wake up. However you do it, just try your best, and don't be apathetic about dehydration. It's for your health! v