The Best Yoga Clothes to Wear for a Daily Workout
Every physical activity demands that you be dressed in a way that suits it, hence when practicing yoga too, you need to wear clothes that help you exercise to the widest range of movement. To enable this, a range of clothes called 'Yoga clothes' are now available which you can wear to your yoga class. These clothes are made to be very comfortable and breathable. By wearing them, you can feel relaxed and stretch all you need to. Some of the popular clothes you can wear to yoga class include yoga tops, sports bras, leotards and sweat clothes. If your clothes are slightly loose-fitting, you can easily do the asanas using as much flexibility as possible, so take care not to buy tight-fitting clothes. In order to keep your knees, ankles and feet in total alignment, it would be advisable to wear shorts. While buying yoga clothes, ensure that they absorb sweat and are cool and dry as they can keep you moisturized while your yoga session is in progress. What the racks have for you: Today, yoga clothes consist of high performance fabrics and include clothes like tank tops, T-shirts, capris, hoodies, pants, etc. You can also buy compression garments that shape your body perfectly. They are meant for exercise. There are also a range of stylish clothes you can opt for that can give you comfort for a maximum of 15 years. If you are tall, you can opt for tall or long yoga pants but if you are petite, go in for short ones. How to select yoga clothes: Yoga tops: These clothes should be made of cotton and a blend of cotton and spandex. Yoga demands all kinds of twists, bends, etc, so your yoga tops need to be tight-fitting around the chest area. These tops thankfully come with in-built bras, so once you wear these tops, you're ready for a yoga workout. Ensure that your tops are sleeveless and have a racer back design for additional support. Racer backs are good because they keep your shirt in place, so you don't have to worry about your top rising when you bend. They also come with a lot of chest support, so it's well worth investing in them. Yoga pants: They must be very comfortable. These pans must be made from Many yoga practitioners love their yoga pants so much that they wear them all day. Almost all yoga pants are made from soft, comfortable and breathable cotton. Cotton is good because it is highly sweat absorbent and lightweight too. Often, yoga clothes have a measure of spandex too which is good for its elasticity. However, do not buy yoga pants made purely out of spandex or nylon. Your yoga pants come with an elastic band that allows for a good stretch. Opt for this rather than those with drawstrings. Also, ensure that the pants aren't tight at the waist or you won't be able to do any bending exercises. They should also have a flair so that you can raise your legs, kick or curl your legs when required. Sports bra: A good and comfortable sports bra will give you the comfort and confidence you need to do your exercises well. The elastic bands and cotton padding of sports bras give you good grip while you workout. Take care it fits nicely, not tightly.