Tips to Manage Cravings with Healthy Food
You are on a diet and you had maintained your healthy eating throughout the week, but then it’s the weekend and your cravings set in. Cravings can completely demolish all your dieting plans in a moment. Cravings are basically urges to eat unhealthy food that consists of lots of salt, oil and sugar. These urges are the nemesis of dieting. They just come up on you suddenly, at home, when you are passing a good smelling bakery or after a tired day at work. Then you just have to satiate your cravings with the unhealthiest of foods. Given below are some foods that can satiate your cravings for the unhealthy ones and keep your diet intact. French fries: Craving for those delicious, crispy, juicy and calorific French fries? Stop. A small order of French fries can contain up to 230 calories. All the Trans fats and the starch in potato will do no good to your waist line. Have a cup of boiled endamame sprinkled with salt. The potato craving can be satisfied by some home baked potato instead of the store fries ones. And if you have to have something juicy spread some hummus on to flatbread and snack on it. Chips: Potato chips that come in packets are possibly one of the unhealthiest foods in the world. Snacking on potato chips is a regular thing for teenagers and adults alike, ignorant of the damage it is causing. If on a diet, don’t even think of the potato chips. If you have to snack on something crispy, get some corn kernels and cook them using a little bit of butter. These are way healthier and contain very less calories. Alternatively you can munch on toasted nuts, pickles or briny vegetables. Chocolate bars: No, the typical candy bars don’t provide any energy and it is definitely not healthy. When your sweet tooth decides to go rogue and crave for some candy bars, satiate it with healthy options. 80% dark chocolate bars are full of antioxidants and the energy content is high, as well as the cocoa to satisfy you easily. If you want some real energy, grab some protein bar. Noodles: Yes, ramen gets everyone weak at their knees, but you should not succumb to it if intent on eating healthy. Ramen also contains MSG which can cause nerve damage. Substitute the ramen noodles with some of the low calorie minestrone soup, which is also less on the MSG content. You can also have some buckwheat noodles with miso soup. Ice cream: Sweet, creamy and cool ice cream is responsible for ruining your diet. Next time you reach for a tub, stop. Instead eat some healthy, fat free Greek yogurt or sorbet. A protein shake or fruit smoothie is also a good substitute for ice cream. You work hard to keep in shape, you sweat out in the gym and eat all the boiled food, only to have a craving destroy it. No more. Make sure to substitute your cravings with these and stay fit.