Top 10 Functional Fitness Anti-Aging Exercises
We all fear aging. One day it’s suddenly upon us and we are desperate. There are many products you can take to slow aging but they come with side effects. Recent researches have shown that certain exercises work better than pills in slowing aging. They work directly on the body and prevent it from decaying. Aging causes decline in the mass of muscle and bones leading to fractures and cramps. Two to three sessions of exercise daily is all you need to reduce aging. Squat: Stand with your feet apart, hold dumbbells in each hand on your sides. Slowly bend the knees, push your hip backward and make your thighs parallel to the floor. Take the support of your heels to resume to standing position and then curl up your hands at the elbows to your shoulders. Repeat.  Pushups: Lie on a mat placing your wrists exactly below your shoulders, feet apart. Place your hands palm down, and slowly bend the elbows to lower your body till it is lifted a few centimeters above the ground. Use your palms to come back to the initial position. Step-ups: Take a pair of dumbbells and stand in front of a step. Place the left foot on the top step. Use the balls of your big toe to lift the other feet up and put it on the same top step. Lift your chest up while doing this. Bend the lower knee to gently lower your right foot back to the floor. Plank: Put your hands on top of any bench with your hands below your shoulders. Position your body in a straight line from the head to the ankles, feet apart. Remember to also exercise your belly and legs. Footwork: Place a ring and stand to its left. Put your right foot into the ring and then the left foot. Then put the left foot outside the ring and then the right foot beside you. Do the same thing again and increase the stepping speed with each turn. Cardio: 240 minutes of some cardio exercises a week is the best way to keep the heart healthy. It improves the health of cells, decreasing aging. Walk: Walking after dinner is one of the best exercises to engage all your muscles and reduce the chances of your legs malfunctioning with age. Tennis: Playing sports like tennis or squash is a good way to keep the muscles in good shape and prevent the excess build up of fat, especially in the abdomen area  Yoga: 30 minutes of yoga works wonders. You can try facial yoga to keep your face wrinkle free and youthful.  There are yogas directed towards anti-aging. Rock climbing: Rock climbing arenas are pretty common these days. They are said to keep the heart and muscles healthy and burn a lot of fat. This exercise keeps you fit even at 70. Exercise. It is far more effective than a hundred pills.