Have you been indulging excessively on junk food lately? Then it is time for you to stop slacking on your workout session. You can only feast on junk food if you maintain a proper workout schedule everyday and follow it dutifully. Keeping a fit and shapely body is very important for remaining healthy and disease free.  Therefore even if you hate working out, you just cannot afford to miss or cut down on your workout schedule. Need motivation? Here are certain tricks that will surely motivate you to follow your workout schedule to the T. Make a Calendar The most important step that helps you begin on a proper workout schedule is to keep a calendar. The calendar helps motivate you to a great extent. Track your workout days on this calendar. For every day of successful workout award yourself with a giant tick mark below the date on the calendar. But on the days you miss workout mark it with an equally giant cross sign. Those cross signs are the ones that will force you to get into action again. Bribes Work like Magic If you feel that you can afford to miss-out on a day’s workout immediately start thinking of a bribe for yourself. For example, for every day of proper rigorous workout promise yourself a movie outing or maybe a visit to your favourite museum. In this manner you will have something to look forward to. This will drive you to achieve your work out goal solely because of the reward. Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed This is common knowledge that if you have a friend at work, school, college or any other place you go to, your motivation to go there increases ten folds. Similarly make a friend who is willing to work out with you. When you have a friend to accompany you, you will automatically want to go for your sessions. The Workout Playlist Make a separate workout playlist on your IPod. Put all your favourite songs on this playlist. Listening to that playlist will in turn make you perform your workout sessions efficiently. Also most of the time because of your desire to listen to the songs, you extend your workout sessions as well. So this deal makes it a win-win situation for you. Not only do you lose weight, but also soothe your mind with your favourite songs. Pay for a Personal Trainer When you have to spend money for your work out sessions with your personal trainer, you will automatically want to go for these sessions. You wouldn’t want to waste your hard earned money. This is one of the most effective motivating factors. After all, you spend hours slogging at work to earn this money. You would want it to be used efficiently. So make a workout chart for yourself and follow these little tricks. You will most definitely achieve your goal far earlier than you ever though. Don’t cheat because remember, a healthy body equals to a happy life!