Last Chance! Bia Brazil Long Short LS2602

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Color: Black/BBGum Pink
Size: One Size
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These Bia Brazil Long Shorts Have You Covered!


These long shorts by Bia Brazil activewear have a contrasting color line around the waistband. Not only that, but there are studs on the matching pockets in the rear. Wow - what a cool pair of shorts!

Pocket Long Shorts LS2602 by Bia Brazil Activewear

These long shorts have real rear pockets!

This style always looks great on long, thin legs but it can make short legs appear even shorter. This Bia Brazil long short can be used for yoga,rollerblading, kickboxing etc... Basicially they are great if you are lifting your legs in the air!


- Extra Long

- Studded real rear pockets

- Color band and matching pocket color

- Made from heavy Brazilian Supplex!

- No shrinking or fading!

- Follow washing instructions for greatest satisfaction and a garment you love that lasts for years :)

- One Size Fits Most 4-10


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