We all love to eat tasty food. But the food we consume tends to fatten us. We look up the internet for fat burning recipes but we are too lazy or busy to devote so much time in making those elaborate recipes. Plus, they are not always appealing; I mean, who wants to drink spinach juice and eat steamed broccoli during meals! So here are five dishes that come together in less than 10 minutes and what’s more, they are equally yummy as well. Tartine with blackberry-thyme salad: Stir blackberries (1 quart), thyme (1tbsp), sugar (2tsp), lemon juice (1tsp), and kosher salt together in a bowl. Split a baguette and cut into four pieces; spread each with a little butter and top with ¼ of the salad. Serve with low fat or fat free yogurt. Shake with hummus sandwich: In a blender, combine blueberries (1 ½ cups), shredded kale (1/2 cup), ice (1 cup), yogurt (3/4 cup, fat free), banana (1/2), honey (2tbsp), almond butter (1tbsp), and wheat germ (1tbsp). Blend until smooth. Pair a shake with a sandwich. To make the sandwich spread a tablespoon of hummus between two pieces of wholegrain bread. Grilled chicken cutlets with summer succotash: Place a grill pan on high heat. Season 4 thin chicken cutlets (about a pound total) with ¼ tsp each of salt and pepper. Grill until cooked fully. While the chicken is cooking, heat 1tbsp olive oil in a large wok over medium heat. Add in 1 cup frozen beans, ½ cup corn; and 1 cup baby tomatoes. Cook, stirring occasionally till the tomatoes pop (about 3-4 minutes). Stir in 1 tablespoon grated parmesan cheese and ½ cup fresh basil leaves. Pair each portion with lemon slices and a low calorie wheat roll. Fried brown rice with endamame: Heat 2 tbsp vegetable oil in a large heavy bottomed skillet on high heat. Add 2 cups cooked brown rice; cook them until they are warmed through which will take about a minute. Stir 2 large eggs that are lightly beaten. Cook for another 30 seconds. Mix in 2 cups of coleslaw, 1 cup frozen and thawed shelled endamame, 2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce and 1 tbsp chili garlic sauce. Cook for 2 minutes till the eggs and endamame are cooked and heated through respectively. Serve the rice by topping it with cilantro and nuts. To increase the protein content of the dish, add a handful of stir fried shrimp to this dish. Cuban sandwich: Scrape one large Portobello mushroom to remove gills. Heat a girdle or large wok on high heat. Add ½ tsp oil, the mushroom, and 1 red onion, sliced. Cook for 10 minutes till the onion and mushroom are cooked through. Spread 1 tbsp light mayo and 1 tbsp sweet pickle relish on half a baguette and top with2 oz lean pork, 1 slice low sodium baked ham and top with prepared mushroom and onion. So, if you’re looking for recipes that will satiate your food cravings and make you lose weight, cook these up right away.