Fitness is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Being fit and maintaining yourself requires a lot of hard work which not only includes eating healthy but also working out regularly. However, we often tend to lose interest in this venture. It requires a lot of motivation and mental strength. One way to start is by choosing the right attire to wear. It is all about making the right choice of your workout clothes that help you to be more comfortable and flexible. If you are just about to begin a fitness regime, here are a few tips that might prove to be necessary while shopping for clothes to wear during your workout routines. Making the right choice of fabric: First and foremost, choosing the right material is of utmost importance. There are different kinds of fabrics used in attires worn on different occasions for different purposes. While choosing fitness attire, look for fabric that provides wicking such as synthetic fiber or cloth that is made of polypropylene. This material keeps your body cool while exercising as it draws sweat away from your body. Making the right choice of brand: Branded clothes are not labeled ‘branded’ for no reason. They are renowned for a specific reason. They may be overpriced than just generic polyesters because they have specific workout technologies and are also made with higher quality material. Buying reputed branded clothes like Nike, Adidas and the like is recommended if you are planning to start working out. Wearing these will keep you all the more comfortable than generic brands. Making the right choice of size: Choosing the right size for your clothing is extremely important especially while shopping for workout clothes. Working out is a tiring process that the body goes through. Hence comfort is a priority. Wearing perfectly sized clothing is much more preferable than either too loose or too short while working out. Making the right choice as per one’s preference and liking: Choose clothes that you would like to wear or make you look good. If you are into fashion and style you can choose bright colors or your favorite color, different and unique types of designs. If you like to keep it simple, you can choose plain and simple shades of black and grey. Wearing clothes you like will keep you motivated and make working out much more fun. Making the right choice of supportive undergarments: Wearing the right type of undergarments is very important during workouts. Normal undergarments may be uncomfortable and hinder the flexibility of your movements. As for instance, women should choose comfortable sports bras that provide support and comfort. Wearing tight undergarments especially during workout is completely discouraged because it hampers the proper circulation of blood. There are different types and many varieties of fitness attire to choose from such as track pants, shorts, tank tops, sweatshirts etc. Each type of clothing is recommended for a particular sport. For specific activities, wear specific types of clothes. For example, if you are running or cycling, avoid wearing long track pants.