5 Effective Weight Loss Drinks

5 Effective Weight Loss Drinks
These days almost everyone is obsessed with fat reduction. People are leaving no stones unturned to get rid of their extra fat and look fit. Everybody wants a slim body but without the hassle that comes with it. Surprising as it might be, there are some drinks those when taken regularly work effectively to reduce the extra fat in your body.
  1. Detox water:
Water itself has so many health benefits and these ingredients mixed into it, make a concoction with great fat reducing properties. All you have to do is take 8 liters of water. Cut six wedges of grapefruit. Slice a small orange or mandarin. Take half a cucumber and slice it. Wash a few peppermint leaves and take out some ice. Rinse the fruits and take off their peel. Drop all the ingredients into water. Let them stand for two- three hours. Drink this through the day.  
  1. Cranberry water:
Water when mixed with cranberry juice becomes an effective drink that helps in flushing out fat. Cranberry juice contains organic acids and if taken regularly will help in dissolving the stubborn fats in your body. To make this drink simply mix, say, a liter of pure cranberry juice into 8 liters of water. Drink this through the day. Ensure that the juice you are mixing is 100 percent pure. Try getting it from organic stores rather the boxed variety.  
  1. Skimmed milk:
Milk contains a lot of calcium which is good for your body. Milk may sound absurd in a weight loss program but if one drinks fat free milk everyday it actually has been proven to reduce fat.   Calcium in milk represses calcitrol which is a fat producing hormone. It also whets your appetite so that you don’t eat a lot. If you consume fewer calories and also produce less fat and metabolize more, your body is bound to lose that extra fat.  
  1. Green tea:
Everybody today knows the great benefits of green tea in helping to reduce fat and detoxify the body. It is recommended by fitness freaks and nutritionists all over the world to help people reduce fat naturally without chemicals. Green tea has a high content of anti oxidants that aid the metabolism rate of your body. Dieters swear by it. Green tea if consumed two to three times a day provides a load of good stuff to your body and also reduces the fat.  
  1.  Vegetable juice:
Not a yummy option but effective nonetheless. Experts say that if you drink a glass of vegetable juice before every meal, it suppresses your appetite and makes you eat fewer calories. We tend to overeat as we are hungry at mealtimes. If you don’t sit with to eat with a hungry stomach, thanks to the vegetable juice, you will eat less and eventually will metabolize the extra fat. Thus, flushing them away and becoming fit.   All these drinks have been proven to reduce fat very effectively if taken daily. But you must also remember that simply drinking these will not work. They will aid in fat reduction but you must also work out to ensure complete fitness.