6 Motivations Why Women Should Strength Train
We all know that strength training is a man thing or is it! There is nothing wrong if women want to start strength training as it has many benefits. For years, it may have been a testosterone thing as women feel they will build muscle and make them look butch you are so wrong. We have 6 motivations as to why women should strength train. Burn Those Calories Faster No matter what form of strength training you’re taking part in from lifting weights or using the muscle-building machine you burn calories faster. At the same time, it helps to control your weight. When joining a regular strength-training program, it boosts your lean body mass and burns calories at the same time. This leads to a healthy weight loss and improves your metabolism. Become More Confident How many times have you seen men swaggering around showing off their big muscles – many times! This just shows you that strength training builds your confidence. Within weeks of your weight, training you can already see the physical benefits showing. Your body takes on a new shape and becomes toned and tighter. Go ahead girl and start your strength training, as it will fire up your self-esteem. Start Fighting Osteoporosis We know that you’re not concerned about osteoporosis now – but with your strength training, it helps to build your bones making it stronger. Keeping your bones strengthened helps to fight osteoporosis in years to come leading to a healthier lifestyle as one grows older. We know that calcium is important for the bone structure, but with repetitive lifting, it helps to build your bone density as well. Get the Edge You Need Get the edge you need as it boosts your cardio performance. When you have stronger muscles, it starts converting into more speed that helps with stamina on a track and gives more power when pedaling. If you take part in weight training, it takes you past that area of stability that happens often when you only do your cardio workouts. By creating muscle mass, it gives you that extra boost when you think you’ve reached the limit while on the circuit. Reduce Your Risk of Injury Become more stable and agile by building your muscles as it helps to cut the risk of injury. How – because strength training protects your joints and increases your balance and dexterity that is great when you age. See Instant Results You can do cardio workouts for weeks and it takes loads of cardio workouts to see results. However, when combining your cardio workouts with weight training you reap the benefits quicker. You can do strength training at least twice a week or even once a week and will notice the important changes taking place. It helps you to become stronger and you will see that you can handle more reps or even lift more weights. These results make you feel positive and motivate you to keep going. Are you convinced – begin your strength training at your local gym and work it in with your other workout activities? Start feeling more confident, leaner, toned, healthier and get the edge you need.