Keep It Simple - Practice Naturally
What is the big debate all about? When you look at famous and large brands that design yoga clothing the use of synthetic material to produce these clothing lines is becoming more frequent. These materials range from acrylic, nylon to polyester as they have all the right attributes that help improve the resilience of textiles. The big question related to this debate is when you look at yoga how natural is the material used as yoga is pure. When taking part in yoga, you do a lot of breathing and you need clothing that supports your body while breathing. The question is that when you look at all the renowned brands are they using natural textiles. According to some brands such as Ripple, they believe you can sweat it out in their knitted fabrics to release your moisture into the air, as it should the natural way. This could be true - but many eczema sufferers cannot wear wool as it causes more irritation to their skin and should actually be wearing cotton. While others again believe that, the synthetic clothing causes rashes while with the Ripple range your body naturally cleanses itself. They believe that with their clothing you can concentrate on your inner self than looking great with clothing. Yes, the fact remains that synthetic textiles do cause harm to the environment as they use harmful chemicals that leech into the ground, water, and other aspects of the environment. You can also absorb the chemical while wearing them. You know that you need comfortable stretching material to breathe and move in that absorbs your body moisture and keeps you dry. The important thing is that you are taking part in yoga with other people and still want to feel comfortable while perspiring. You do not want to be concerned what the person next to you thinks while sweating it out in knitted garments that do not absorb moisture well and leaves you all stinky. The debate about keeping it simple while practicing naturally may work for some while wearing knitted clothing but not for others. If you actually think, the naturalist used to do yoga naked in privacy and when they did meditation, they used to wear loose fitting clothing centuries ago. The fact remains that you’re living in the 20th century and cannot go and sit naked in a yoga class. Whether you want to keep it simple the natural way or wear some famous brands of activewear you are still breathing, stretching, and meditating and connecting with one by living a healthier lifestyle.