A Perfect Diet Plan for Health and Fitness for Women
Women these days are very concerned about their figure, resorting to diets to stay fit. Many wrongly believe that dieting means skipping meals. The female body does need daily nutrition in order to function properly. It is important to follow a proper diet, skipping meals only increases flab and deprives nutrition. Here is a healthy diet plan that works. One must eat five meals a day and include proper servings of grains, protein and dairy in their diet. Breakfast: Start your day with some protein. Select from poultry, salmon, ham or low fat dairy. Including protein in your breakfast burns more calories. The protein food also keeps your stomach filled till lunch time. Put some eggs on toast, or make a sandwich with ham, salmon or have an omelet. No matter what, don’t skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast makes you intake wrong through the day. Breakfast plays an important role in maintaining your weight. Middle morning snack: Eating small, frequent meals is the best way to handle your sugar levels. Intake small snacks after meals that are nutritious. Instead of having a coffee or pastry, have some oatcakes and spread some peanut butter or almond butter on it. You can also choose between a banana and any dip with vegetable sticks. Lunch: Make lunch a mix of lean protein and starchy carbs. The carbs supply energy and help you through the tedious afternoons. Pass on the sugary white foods like rice and go for high fibre whole grains which fill your stomach. These produce a steady rise in blood sugar keeping you pumped. Choose a healthy rye sandwich topped with salmon, chicken or low fat dairy like cottage cheese along with plenty of salad. You can also have whole grain toasts and put baked beans on it. Mid afternoon: Instead of reaching for a cupcake, satiate your sweet cravings with fruits. A handful of dried fruit along with different nuts or flaxseeds provides protein and healthy fats to satisfy your appetite till supper. Instead of a chocolate bar, have some dried apple rings. Combining fruits and nuts gives you more energy for a longer time, in case you’re hitting the gym. You can also munch on some cherry tomatoes instead of cookies. Dinner: Dinner is as important as breakfast. A well balanced dinner prevents you from waking up for a midnight snack. Don’t ignore carbs, they’re rich in fibre, low in fats and help you relax when you return home. Combine carbs like brown rice or pasta with some essential healthy fats like fish (salmon, mackerel and sardines). Incorporate it with some nuts, seeds and little olive oil. These will help the body regenerate and to heal, which is necessary for a healthy body. You can make a healthy salad full of veggies, some protein, mixed with nuts, beans and drizzled with oil. Add to it some whole wheat pasta, brown rice or quinoa. Having regular meals is as important as exercising daily. Starving yourself will only make your body weak and lead to various diseases.