Tips for Healthy Hiking
What do you to remain healthy lifestyle? Go to the gym? Yoga? Skipping? Running? Wait. Don't all these sound a bit boring?  And monotonous? Hiking! Go for hiking! An amazing combination of excitement, fun and exercise. However there are a few essential points that you need to keep in mind before and while going on a hiking trip. 1. United We Stand Hiking in a group will not only increase the fun all the more but will also ensure security and safety. Always take advice from an experienced hiker. One experienced hiker in every group is an absolute necessity to provide the other group members proper guidance and help, in case any adverse situation crops up. A good hiking partner is always ready to extend his helping hand in the form of first aid if you get hurt. Sharing experience also works wonders in creating unbreakable bonds among people!  So go ahead. Hike. And make new friends! 2. Water and Food for life Stay hydrated throughout your hiking trip. Drink adequate amount of water during your hiking trip. Always carry light snacks for the trip. A little bit of munching would help you shred off tiredness that tends to engulf you during long hours of hiking. The life of a hiker is that of an adventurer. Be ready to face any odd situation but make sure you're properly fed for it. Make it a point to keep some surplus food! 3. Shape It Up Before You Buckle It Up Make sure you get into a proper shape before going for a hiking trip. As they say, keep it light. Having a light body weight will help you conquer the mountains more easily. However, just maintaining a proper weight wouldn't help! Make sure you are physically fit- with a sound body and a sound mind. An all-round medical test is always advised before you go for a hiking trip. 4. Never Cut the Budget on Equipment Good quality equipment is an absolute necessity. Low quality ropes, back packs can cause mild up to extremely critical accidents. Also, bad quality ropes are likely to strain your hands all the more. Make sure the rope is appropriate to avoid slips. Keep a handkerchief handy, in case, drops of sweat cause annoyance. Dress in the proper attire.  Deck up as the occasion beckons! Never wear cotton clothes as they tend to get damp and wet by sweat and sticks to your body, rendering a totally uncomfortable  experience while hiking, often leading to an abysmally miserable cold. Look for fabrics like merino wool and silk. Wear the appropriate pair of boots or shoes that would keep your feet warm without causing much sweat. 5. Lost? In case, you get lost, don't panic. Try to visible and make sure your voice is audible. Find a proper shelter but make sure thick trees don't hide you, in case helicopters are flying in search of you. So? Doesn't it sound interesting? Pack your bags now and exercise in the happiest way possible. 'Happy Hiking'!