Benefits of Plyometrics

Benefits of Plyometrics
Plyometrics is a high impact training method commonly used by those who are already athletic, this type of training is intended to increase power and speed in very small movements, or rather to increase explosiveness.The intention of the training isn't to increase bulk, but to increase peak performance. An exercise is considered plyometric if it involves rapid elongation and contraction of muscles. For example, jumping down from one height onto the floor, and up to a different height in rapid succession. This engages your body's reflexes in a way akin to the well known "knee-jerk" reaction that you may have experienced when a doctor struck your knee with a rubber mallet. Plyo training is as much about the mind and nervous system as it is about the body. Here are a few basic exercises you can try:

Squat jump

With your feet approximately shoulder width apart, squat down and jump. Squat again as you land, and continue jumping this way as rapidly as possible.

Jumping rope

A classic, jumping rope is a low level plyometric exercise. Increase the intensity and push yourself as hard as you can go.

Box jump

Find something that you can jump on that's at least 18" - 24" high. Jump up and down from it as rapidly as possible. Increase the height as you get better. For added performance gains, use two platforms of differing height.

Explosive Push-Up

Throw yourself from the ground, such that your hands leave the floor. Another classic.

Plyo jacks

Do jumping jacks, but squat when spreading the legs. It's a good idea to wear clothing with breathable and forgiving fabric when doing plyometrics, such as Bia Brazil activewear.