Choose the Right Clothes for Your Fitness Practice
Physical fitness and keeping your health in check has now become the new style mantra for success in life. Everyone believes in having a fit and strong body to take on the numerous factors of stress attacking us from everywhere. Along with a proper, wholesome and a good night’s sleep, your body needs exercise as well. Now, exercising is not just confined to going for a morning or evening walk – it also consists of knowing what your body needs, where the problem areas are, how to treat them, and maintaining your determination as well. Now that you have promised yourself a healthy body this New Year, what are you waiting for? Let us choose some good workout clothes for you so you can be perfectly ready for your fitness regime. 1. Choose a Good Fabric a) A comfortable, synthetic fabric is an essential part of your schedule, as it will affect your movement and control sweat. Some good options include polyester, Lycra and spandex which will help your sweat to evaporate. If you check the stores, you might find some workout clothing containing Coolmax or Supplex fibers which can help you manage body temperature. b) Cotton is recommended for those who do not sweat as much, or those who would like to keep their routine limited to stretching or light walking. When cotton becomes sweaty, it can cling to your body which would be a cause of discomfort to you. c) Plastic or rubber-made clothing is a strict no-no, as it provides no outlet for sweat and this may raise your body temperature as you sweat. Some varieties are better than others, so choose your brands wisely so that your comfort is guaranteed. 2. Your Workout Clothes should Fit Well a)Your clothes should not restrict your movement. So it is better to opt for loose and comfortable clothes while you work out. However, if you choose biking or jogging, tight pants should be worn so that they don’t get in your way as you pedal or jog. For Yoga, stretchy fabrics are a good choice. b) Men can choose shorts/trousers with T-shirts for a workout and women can wear leggings/trousers with a soft and comfortable tank top/t-shirts if they don’t like shorts. It all depends on your body image and personal style; choose bright and attractive colors to keep yourself focused. 3. Supportive Undergarments should be used Women should invest in a good sports bra to help with their support and flexibility while working out, and men can use a protective cup if they are playing contact sports. 4. Change with the Seasons Seasons keep changing around the year, and so should your workout clothing. So what can you do to keep up with the weather? a) For hot summer days, choose fabrics that will help your skin breathe and let the sweat evaporate. b) On cold days, dress warmly but in layers so that you can remove them as your body heats up. It’s wise to choose a sweat-wicking full-sleeved t-shirt on the inside, and layer it with an insulating top so it can help in controlling your body temperature. Always cover your heads, ears and hands to protect them from the cold weather. c) For a windy, rainy weather, wear an outer layer on top of your sweat-wicking top so that you remain protected from the elements (that is, if you exercise outdoors). 5. Wear appropriate Footwear Choose a good pair of workout shoes or sneakers which will support your feet and protect them from injuries. Be sure to buy two pairs of cotton socks to go with your footwear. Summing Up Here are some of the tried-and-tested tips which may help you to choose your perfect workout outfit and help you on the way to fitness. Happy Exercising!