Five Ways to Stay Healthy this Thanksgiving

Five Ways to Stay Healthy this Thanksgiving
  • As soon as you arrive at your Thanksgiving celebration, announce that you plan to take a walk after the meal. Most likely, some of your family and friends will want to join you. Once you get a few people on board, it'll be tough to bail out.
  • Instead of sampling each and every appetizer before dinner, walk around and catch up with family and friends.
  • Plan a workout for the next day, you'll burn off the extra calories and you won't have to fell so guilty about having a slice of pie.
  • Offer to help clean up, your host will appreciate the gesture, and you'll separate yourself from the food, which may prevent you from getting another helping of dessert.
  • Many people treat Thanksgiving as an "eat until you're stuffed" holiday. Keep your portions small, and stop eating when you're full.