How Often Should You Exercise To Stay In Shape?
No one has hours to spend in the gym every week, although it would be great. The main factor is that we all want to stay in shape, and it’s tough to know how often you should exercise to stay in shape. You need to exercise often and here at Fitness Fashions we are going to help you with how you can split your time between different types of exercises. There are different classes and moves you can follow online, but knowing where to start is only half of the battle. Some of your major aspects in living an active lifestyle are cardio, strength training, and enough rest. If you’re looking to maintain a healthy fitness level, it all depends on how active you are already as you can note results from the first week of training if you’re already partaking in workouts. However, if you are not used to exercising, you will not see any progress in the first week of your training. By following, the breakdown and doing these workouts for four to five days a week will help to improve your health and keep you in shape. The important thing is to concentrate on strength training for the first three days. In addition, the last two days you need to concentrate on your cardio leaving you with two days of rest. Here’s how you can do your exercises to keep you fit and in shape: First Three Days – Strength Training For a higher metabolic rate, strength training is great as it helps to burn calories when you work out. Another great thing about it’s that it helps make your joints and bones stronger. Do these exercises at least three times a week. Your training cycle should last up to 60-minutes and include some foam rolling for five-minutes to warm up your muscles before starting. Make sure to include lower and upper body moves to balance out your pushing and pulling movements. These include chest presses and rowing. When doing each of these strength moves makes sure to use them in different ways and use them every week for up to six weeks by increasing the weights. Moreover, the last week before ending your program makes sure to make a drop-off giving your body some recovery time. Doing strength, training helps to improve other fundamentals of your health. Incorporate flexibility into your warm-up or even during your exercises by working on coordination during this time by doing crawling or single-leg exercise. Last Two Days – Cardio Cardio is great to keep your circulatory system working and helps your body to recover quicker. It helps to boost your VO2 to develop oxygen. Do this at least twice a week by doing 150 minutes of reasonable to extreme activities. There are different options available from jogging, spinning, using the elliptical machine and more. While working out try to get your heartbeat to be between 120 and 150 beats per minute by doing your cardio for up to 60-minutes. Complete Your Workout with Two Days of Rest You need to take a break for at least two days to rest your body. This helps it to rebuild your system making you feel fresh and ready to start your workout at the beginning of the week. This is not for slouching around at home but for doing active recovery by doing something you enjoy as it helps with the body and the mind. Go walk by the beach, cycle on your bike or even meditate for up to 60-minutes. This is a great way to get your body into shape and using your rest days all depends on you where you want to place it. If you’re working out from Monday to Friday, take off the weekend to rest. Alternatively, you can break up your workout by doing one strength day, one cardio day, and then take a break before you start with your strength training again. This all depends on how you feel! It’s best not to do two continuous days of strength training. Give your body at least 48-hour to rest making you feels refreshed!