Can You Challenge Yourself To Master The Uncomfortable?

Can You Challenge Yourself To Master The Uncomfortable?
How many times have you heard that you need to step outside your comfort zone – many times! So can you challenge yourself to master the uncomfortable? Everyone needs inspiration and encouragement, as we tend to get used to being in the same groove of our lives. We are not very keen on getting out there doing something strange. However, repeatedly it’s important to break these comfort zones and try to do something new for a good reason. Today we are going to find out why you need to change and why it’s important to break away from your boring routine. Why is it so hard to leave your comfort zone? The comfort zone is your behavioral space where your normal daily activities fit into your routine. This, in turn, causes a pattern that helps you to minimize stress and provides a form of mental security. This helps to keep you happy, lessens anxiety, and keeps the stress to a minimal. However, to keep your performance maximized you need relative anxiety known as Optimal Anxiety found outside your comfort zone. With excessive anxiety, you become too stressed and cannot be productive, causing your performance levels to drop. Optimal anxiety is not a new thing as many people who push themselves to succeed knows how far they need to challenge themselves. This leads to excellent results but pushing you too hard could also cause negative results. Moreover, many of us do not like to step out of this zone, as it makes us feel uncomfortable. Sometimes the comfort zone you find yourself in is holding you back from achieving more with better results. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone! When you finally decide to step out of your comfort zone, you’ll be more productive as comfort is the culprit when it comes to your productivity. It’s time to forget out being scared of deadlines and expectations, get out of the work trap, and start pushing the boundaries. Start pushing your boundaries, as you will find smarter ways to do your work and handle your daily problems. This helps you to deal with unexpected problems that do occur and it will help you to push your boundaries in the future as well. Additionally, it helps to make brainstorming easier and makes you more creative in the process. So by stepping out of your comfort zone have many benefits as it helps with self-improvement as you’re learning new skills, trying new foods, taking part in yoga to uplift your life or visiting new places. How you can break free of that comfort zone and become productive Not everyone’s comfort zone is the same and best not to go overboard when breaking free from it. Here are some great ways that you can expand out of that comfort zone that’s holding you back without taking it too far:
  •          Change the things you do on an everyday basis by trying new restaurants or driving a different route to work. Try going vegetarian for more than a week or take part in a yoga class. The changes you make do not have to be big and you can start changing the small things in your life.
  •          When you need to make decisions take your time and think things over, this can be from your personal life to your work. Slow down your pace, sit a while, and think first before reacting to a problem.
  •          The most important thing is to remember to take small steps as it takes loads of courage to break away from feeling comfortable all the time.
Some other great ways are to learn something new from a skill to a language. This helps you to connect with new people and broadens your horizons for the good.   As you can see, you only benefit from challenging yourself to master the uncomfortable when breaking away from your comfort zone. Trying new things is not always easy but doing it with small steps helps. By following some simple steps, you will be able to step out and into your comfort zone with ease. This is great for you as you will become more productive, decision-making will become easier, and you will learn new things.