How to Care For Your Yoga Wear

How to Care For Your Yoga Wear
You’ll realize the benefits in the long run when you put the extra time and care in taking care of your fitness clothing in the long run. This will help make your workout clothes work for you, not against you. Here are a few secrets to take care of your body-loving outfits to keep them looking and smelling great!
  1. Don’t leave your Onzie yoga clothes in your yoga bag
We know and we’ve all been there – after your class your Onzie yoga clothes end up in your bag and you forget about it, only to discover that a ghastly project is emerging on your favorite pair of shorts. Take your clothes out of the bag as soon as you get home.
  1.      Don’t toss your sticky Onzie yoga clothes in the basket right away
Before placing your Onzie yoga clothes in the basket air-dry them over the side of your bath for the night. No one wants their sweat to remain in the clothing until you decide to do laundry. Moreover, it will make the rest of your attire smell! Another secret is to turn your Onzie activewear inside out before washing them. This helps a lot if anything happens to rub up against your precious garments, at least it’ll leave marks on the inside where no one can see it.
  1.      Hand wash your sports apparel
We know – hand washing your sports apparel takes more time. Nevertheless, yoga clothes can be delicate, especially when they include elaborate detailing (such as your, Onzie leggings and bras!). Even though your sports clothes is durable, hand washing in cold water keeps your sportswear looking better, longer. And if you do not have the time to hand wash your clothing, make sure to remove all loose pieces to prevent mishaps taking place in the washing machine. Another great tip is to add a dash of salt when washing your fitness wear, especially for the first time. Salt has chloride in it and helps to seal in the color keeping your apparel looking bright for a longer time and helps to prevent the color flowing!
  1.      Use the right detergent
Getting trapped odors out of your Onzie pants may become tricky. Some detergents contain enzymes designed to eliminate odors trapped in your sportswear. Consider using a concentrated detergent to remove the odor (we love nosweat.)
  1.      Avoid using fabric softeners
Avoid using fabric softeners as it can coat your item of clothing with a layer that lock in odor and prevents them from wicking away moisture. Another important tip is to prevent using dryers as they take a heavy toll on sportswear. The heat of dryers can reduce the elasticity of fabric’s quickly and starts wearing out prints and detailing. We recommend hanging your garments to dry. Final Thoughts As important, as taking care of your Onzie workout clothes you need to take care of your gym bag. Your gym bag can keep odors from your workout gear inside the bag. Take a couple of dryer sheet and place them in your bag as an easy fix to keep it smelling fresh at all time.