How to survive the holidays with good eating habits
No matter how much advice you get from high ranking female fitness fashion magazines or how many women's fitness fashion tips you strictly adhere to, when the holidays come around, everything goes out the window. Don't worry, this problem is not unique to you or your close circle of friends who seem to enable this bad behavior come November thru December. The truth is, we all struggle when it comes to staying on track with our diet during the holidays. It is all that good food that seems to be readily available at every turn. Unless you intend to turn off your phone and keep the blinds drawn, there is a good chance that you will be dragged to celebration to celebration and that there will be good, deliciously unhealthy food by the truckload. So, what can you do if you intend to still fit into those gorgeous high waisted gym leggings you just bought? Here are some useful tips on how to survive the holidays with good eating habits: Prepare yourself for the delicious, yet unhealthy onslaught You WILL be invited to parties and there will be no 'salads only' buffets. But just because your family and friends are not taking part in your dietary program does not mean that you should shun their invites. One of the best ways to protect yourself against the onslaught of party invites and binge eating sessions is to prime your stomach and pallet for it. Before you go out, make sure that you have had a healthy serving of your preferred dietary dish. In fact, you should eat well before going to any parties. That way, you will not only be too full to binge but you will also be managing your overall diet somewhat. Balance out your meals When you go to that buffet, be sure to balance out your meals. Don't just heap your plate with those deep fried drumsticks and barbequed ribs, try out the salad, the fruits and the vegetable options as well. Balance it out. Watch that alcohol intake This is where the real challenge comes in. If you are not averse to taking some wine or whiskey with your dinner, then you might want to watch just how much of it you take. For one, alcohol has a lot of calories that go towards increasing the width of those hips and that waist. Two, alcohol has a weird way of making you crave fatty and salty foods such as french fried and fried chicken at three o'çlock in the morning. Watch how much of it you take and always have a healthy snack with you. Remember, you don't have to go to every party, but if you are going to go, be ready to stay strong.