Winter Yoga Apparel For Women

Winter Yoga Apparel For Women

The days are shorter and the weather is getting colder by the minute. All the more reason to continue those Yoga classes to keep our bodies warm and our minds in tiptop health too. Even when we’re sweating it up and stretching out those muscles, we ladies love to do it in style too. You can begin with this list of the latest yoga apparel for women for winter 2017.


You’d want to cover up in this cold weather, and that includes your arms. Pullovers are one of the best choices for this. Cropped pullovers are in style now and can be best paired with high waist leggings. Sweats do work too. The colors are mostly in grays and blacks. You can pair it with leggings that are either darker or lighter in shade to pull off that monochromatic look that is refreshing to look at.

There are also the long sleeved workout tees that also can also work for you. Opt for the ones that are light and would allow room for movement. We’d still want to choose comfort over style so as not to ruin our zen, right?


Leggings in colorful patterns are popular today when it comes to fashion fitness apparel for yoga. These work well with bright colored tops. Prints come in different styles and colors, marbles, tropical, geometrical. Just choose whatever you’re comfortable with and whatever works for you. High waist leggings are also among the trend. They allow full coverage and as mentioned before, they work well with cropped pullovers or any cropped top for that matter, as well as sports bras. Top it off with a bomber jacket plus super cool sneakers to pull off that hip and chic look.


Sweatpants can also work but make sure that they are not too long for you to avoid stepping on them or slipping. Grey, black and solid colors work and they are best paired with bright tops. You can also add up a jacket or pullover top plus sneakers when you’re on your way to the class to pull off that sporty stylish look.


Since colorful leggings are in style, you can expect that leg warmers and yoga socks would be too. Yes, leg warmers are still among the popular fashion clothing for yoga (and even for dancers), especially during these cold months. The play of colors brings life in contrast to the white of the winter.

It is definitely more fun to do yoga when you look good and feel good about yourself. Just remember to pick comfort over style so you can enjoy the class without having to worry about anything.