Menopause and Exercise
While there are a multitude of over-the counter and prescription remedies for menopausal symptoms, sometimes the biggest help you can give yourself is the most natural kind. Grueling and unpredictable waves of discomfort, pain and emotion come with the final season of our flow, but recent studies show that there are more ways around them than one. For example, it was recently found that yoga can aid in menopause-related insomnia. If yoga grinds your gears, simple aerobic exercise has been found to do wonders. From decreasing sexual problems and dryness in your hoo-ha to easing joint-muscular discomfort, aerobic exercise has been found to ease a range of menopausal ailments. For those women who have already ridden the red tidal wave and come back again, fear not, exercise will still help you. It was recently found that in postmenopausal women, aerobic exercise decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease by improving antioxidant capacity and decreasing body iron burden. What a mouthful! What's more, even those who are still experiencing regular periods experience decreased PMS symptoms with regular exercise. Essentially, no matter what period phase you're wrestling with, exercise will do you wonders. So get out there, get sweaty, and get in control of your body!